How to cure yourself smile?

Deceive me hard, I always see the main thing: normally all the tips boil down to the fact that you need to go and buy something. And what about those who want to be healthy, but can’t follow is to spend money on it? Share a recipe for such as I!

Nadia, The Eagle

Yves Cognac, physician in private practice, France:

– There’s nothing you can do about it: usually, when speaking about a particular disease, doctors difficult not to mention that particular medication. Advertising it? Possible. Probably, this is the word of mouth and folk medicine, however, and it sometimes requires some investment, because not all herbs can disrupt some people just don’t grow near the house.

So today at the request of readers I propose to go on experiment. And do not only without story about medicine, but not to remember even vitamins or anything that can require you any cash outlay. Even if this one-time purchase running shoes.

Like garlic to a vampire

Talk about the most underrated cure, which with all its advantages, still and always with you. That is cheapest and the most expensive is appreciated – it smile. With its main advantage – it gives a good mood even when he is seemingly nowhere to take strongly.

The degree of impact may be different – a genuine smile reduces pain and dispels the stress faster than mechanical, but it helps even the last. Why is this happening? Thanks to the development hormones of pleasure endorphins that reduce pain, accelerate healing and counteract stress reactions: these hormones normalize blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and more. In addition to endorphins, smile helps the production of serotonin, bringing us peace and an overwhelming sense of hunger, often developing under the influence of the same stress. Turns out, smile to it – like garlic to a vampire.

It prolongs life, makes us more powerful and more confident. I think women especially my smile is able to relieve your face for a few years. Experiments have shown, the people are smiling after forty years look noticeably younger and more attractive than their peers, all the forces trying to keep a serious face. Of course, we cannot say that the smile will automatically solve all your problems, but by learning to once again smile, you will be able to reconfigure itself in such a way as to avoid many health problems. For example, will be more likely to forgive. This seemingly meaningless quality that is perceived by some as a sign of weakness and therefore angrily rejected, can protect us from heart attack and stroke plus to reduce the risk of hypertension.

Touchy people do not realize that they themselves suffer from their resentment. Do not inflate lips – better drag them in a friendly smile.

Even when it seems that colleagues tell about you, stories and General bad attitude.

In this case, many people prefer to heat up the situation, looking for amidzic, but studies show that this option is not ideal. Seeing only enemies around you move your eyebrows up and configured on the defense. And in such a scenario is difficult to expect that people will suddenly start to be with you courteous. The reaction is likely to be mirrored – they will put on his face exactly the same expression. My advice – just open your lips a little wider, after all, the smile has another amazing property – it can disarm and turn your enemies to flight.

What men want

And finally, if you are interested in the effect of smiling woman on men, know that you seem much more attractive than neutral, do not form wrinkles of expression, the disadvantages of which fixed even with the help of skillful makeup.

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