How to deal with insomnia?

If you just lie down, the brain is not resting. When we sleep, he’s resting from the day’s worries and gain energy. If the right to organize their lives, insomnia is not. The main thing — to eliminate that which interferes with sleep.

One of the simplest ways is to allocate a small time (up to 30 minutes for 1-3 hours before bedtime) to think about the accumulated problems and planning for the future day.

Think about boring. For example, it is good to recite poetry or prayers. To count elephants is optional — you can remember all countries and their capitals.

Strain, then the maximum relax the muscles. It is best to start from the bottom and slowly move to the head. Don’t forget about the muscles of the neck and face. Straining the muscle, count to 10, relax again to 10. That you accumulated per day stress will surely weaken.

Sleep during the day. For most people quiet time is undesirable because it can rearrange their biological clock.

Hide or move the clock. Usually the person wakes up several times per night, but immediately fall asleep again. People with insomnia is not always possible. Do not use knocking pendulum clocks and alarm clocks with sharp sounds. Best of all — they learn how to stand up at the same time to their signal.

Sleep in the cool. A warm bath really helps to fall asleep. Ideally, the temperature of the bedroom should be just below comfortable for daytime. If the day in the room of about 20 °C, two degrees lower at night.

Keep the house optimum moisture content. Winter heating dries the air in the bedroom, and along with the nasopharynx. The simplest way to breathe during sleep only in the nose, harder to purchase a humidifier.

The bed is only for sleeping. Too many are accustomed to do other things: eat, read, knit, watch TV. Hence the problem as a reflex.

Insomnia exit the bedroom. Old recipe: if I can’t sleep, stand and sit in the other room. Read there, watch TV (not a horror movie). Try to survive as long as possible.

Do not drink at night coffee. Caffeine affects the sleep of most people and not just invigorating, and causes a kind of anxiety, which can persist at night.

Do not relax with alcohol. Alcohol really puts you to sleep, but studies show that sleep after it’s interrupted, fragmented, psychiatrists say is “dotted”. Taking alcohol before bedtime increases the likelihood of nightmares.

Nicotine also interferes to relax, because it stimulates the Central nervous system. If you have insomnia, try not to smoke at least a few hours before bedtime.

Snack at night — the challenge of nutrition, but some it improves sleep. According to one theory, all the matter in the calming amino acid tryptophan, which many, such as milk, poultry and bananas.

Do not overeat at the same time. No comment.

Avoid spicy before bed is irritating to the stomach.

Do not starve before going to sleep. The changes in diet affect the entire body, so sitting on a diet, don’t be surprised sleep disorders. If the diet is really necessary, try not to reduce the total amount of food and not starve. The best option is something that is useful, in small portions, but frequently throughout the day.

Many diseases associates of insomnia. Pain, cough, forced posture, prevent sleep, and you are taking medications. However, many prescription drugs that interfere with either sleep at night or to late to Wake up in the afternoon. Some of them suppress the so-called sleep with rapid eye movements, a special cyclic (1-2 hours) condition, accompanied by dreams. As a result, even disconnected all night, you Wake up unrefreshed brain.

How to prevent drug insomnia, if you still need to take medication? Doctors suggest the following: carefully read the annotation and composition, even OTC drugs, search for safer alternatives; when prescribing medication, a doctor is not forget to ask about its effect on daytime and nighttime sleep; ask the planned duration of treatment and the possibility of complications in case they occur.

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