How to distinguish a fake cell phone from the original?

China is a country where local craftsmen can fake everything, and these products in most cases do not differ a special quality. Cell phones from China are very cheap, and therefore in the pursuit of excess profits retailers or wholesalers pass them off as original and sell them many times more than their original cost. Now my life is closely connected with this miracle of high technology, and I learned how to distinguish a Chinese knockoff from the original.

Let’s start with the most popular Corporation,The first thing you should pay attention to is the weight of the phone. Weigh it in your hand if it seems you somehow too easy, then it’s most likely a fake.Second. Please note the phone body, feel it, RUB your hands if you feel that it is as if felled with an ax and the plastic is too brittle, that it is a fake.Third. Ponazhimayte on the buttons, what do you hear? The original phones when you press the buttons the sound more dull than the fakes.

Let’s move on to less famous brand In China fake lineup of the company is at a very high level. Some fakes are very difficult to distinguish from the original. As a rule, the Chinese fakes fake batteries too. And if in cell phone fake battery, you can be sure of 60 percent that the phone is a fake. To distinguish original battery from fake, it is necessary to Shine ultraviolet light on a shiny sticker that is glued to the battery. If the sticker clearly visible yellow band, it is the original battery from the manufacturer.

Next, pay attention to the stickers on the rear removable panel. If the label of poor quality and similar to a simple copy, it is fake. Also pay attention to the numbers of the serial number, model number “L” in the serial number after the first letter there are three or more digits — then it is a fake, the originals after the first letters are only two digits.

And do not worry if the original (it can immediately be distinguished from counterfeit) sticker will show off the inscription Made in China, Motorola in China is a factory, as from Nokia.

Sony Ericsson — the brand well-established in the market of cell phones. But you should pay attention to a series of “Z” and its clamshell, you should alert her squeak when opening. Hit very low quality Chinese imitations of the model range “To” is К700і. I was faced with a huge number of fakes of this model. Remove the back panel behind the battery there is a metal insert, note its color, the fakes he gives yellow.

Honestly, counterfeiting firmie faced. In my opinion, this is due to the fact that the range of this company is not very popular among consumers, but I do not exclude that counterfeiting is.

Unfortunately, for other brands I can’t give practical advice, as the market is dominated by counterfeit model of a number of listed large companies.

Well, in General, when buying a cell phone to pay attention to all the nuances, ranging from the strange low rates, ending the Russian firmware with gross spelling mistakes. Good luck to you!

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