How to dress the fatties ?

And it is very important to be able to soberly and objectively assess their strengths and weaknesses, know what you can afford and what not. Growth, addition, age, color of eyes, hair and skin, even if you want nature, demeanor, way of life — that’s how many parameters have perennial problems “thing is or is not”.

is a figure in which the chest circumference is almost equal to the circumference of the hips, and the waist is 25 cm less. The distance from the foot to the knee, from the knee to the beginning of the thigh, from the beginning of the hips to the highest point of the breast and from the highest point of the breast to the crown equal.

I give these details not in order to deprive all of you who “don’t fit the norm,” hopes to look good. On the contrary, I want to emphasize that lucky with such a perfect proportions of the body not so much. However, how often we meet girls and women, which is still a pleasure to watch!

Perhaps the most common complaint is excessive fullness. One who is healthy and full of energy, of course, will try to get rid of extra pounds through diet and special exercise program. But it happens that all means are tried, and the fullness disappears. There is just can save the clothes.

about a few not

It is impossible to think, or not to buy skinny jeans and a fitted sweater. They should just give up. Don’t go full woman dress with ruching of this airy silk or wide belt with decorative buckle, which is often trying to pull a non-existent waist. The abundance of folds and frills optically make the figure more volume.

Shiny fabric plays the same unwanted role. To combine clothing items of contrasting colors should not be, divides that figure and highlights its shortcomings.

Well, what can and should be?

Crucial role in an optical narrowing of the fuller figure belongs to the longitudinal seams and the lines. Silhouette — straight or poluprilegayuschy (it is necessary to ensure that the skirt freely to her hips, when sitting not pull back and avoid wrinkling on the belly) Suit is preferable to dresses. Optional colors are dark, which, as is commonly believed, “huzhu”. From joyful pastel colours should not give up.

At least, and maybe more importantly the ability to counterbalance the shortcomings to show their dignity. For example, using the color of the dress to highlight fresh complexion, which often differ bbw, well to good hair, not hide a beautiful neck.

Completeness, as we all know, is different. Most often women complain toowide hips, sometimes with narrow shoulders, small Breasts and a fairly slim waist. But to emphasize the waist would be a mistake. Help asymmetrical zipper, shifted to one side of the band folds, oblique valves pockets. The folds on the skirt should not diverge from the waist.

You should not make transverse joints where the hips widely. It is better to avoid fabrics with transverse stripes. A plaid fabric cut on the bias, on the contrary, make the figure much slimmer. The bodice of the dress or blouse, pleats, lace, embroidery, ruffles, and Flirty, the sleeve with the volume high head will make the shoulders wider, would divert attention from wide hips. Blouse, sweater, vest should always be worn over a skirt.

For many women, the problem —short legswith a long waist. The proportions of such figures will change Empire waist, set-in belt is often threaded into the ranks kulisku gum. Skirt below the knee stockings — color skirts, shoes on high heels.

Short neckdo not close a deaf collar. On the contrary, elongated neck, raised back, fold-over collar with unbuttoned the top button will hide this shortcoming. The shoulders to emphasize should not, the best single cut sleeve or Raglan.

As you can see, it’s not too difficult. Because fashion any season offers, as a rule, not one, but several silhouettes, and ways to cut details — a great many. And if something has to sacrifice, in fact, and there are plenty to choose. A girl who knows how to dress knows not only what is now in Vogue, it owns a sense of proportion, remember the advantages and disadvantages of the figure.

Don’t pass up an opportunity to look at myself in the big mirror somewhere in the store or the lobby. Someone else’s mirror is always sincere than the home to which have long been accustomed. Besides, the house you consider your reflection from a close range, see the details, not the overall appearance.

The last Council.Its drawbacks should be considered, but should not be exaggerated. Who knows where to end and begin disadvantages advantages? And more importantly — the proximity to the “standard” or originality? ]

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