How to ferment cabbage? Let’s experiment!

3-liter capacity it should take a couple of cabbages, a total weight to three pounds (a kilogram per liter), and stuff three medium carrots, 150-200 grams each. In General, a pound. One of sour (!) Apple, three dozen peas black pepper, Bay leaf, a piece of “carnacki” — black bread (better bread or crust), salt, sugar, and… And this time I took a head of garlic. Four cloves per kilogram of cabbage.

First hot water well my capacity, which will sour cabbage. Before, when she was, at least, the bucket, and therefore the enamel, I not only washed, but also scalding. Now plastic. So scalding is not a risk. Washed, dried. Capacity ready. Can and cabbage to deal with.

Remove from the head wrapper leaves. They usually already podati time. Dirty, traveling from field to counter, and then to your house. So pickled they won’t work. But to throw them out take your time. Choose the pure and whole, not damaged (not torn, no holes) leaf. My it and wrap this sheet “chernyashka” — a piece of toast or crusts of black bread. In order that the sheet spontaneously unfolded, tightly wrapped it with thread and put on the bottom of the tank, which will sour cabbage. This is our starter.

Her company at the bottom laid the washed, collapsed into quarters Apple cleaned from the core. Before, when the cabbage was casilas buckets, the apples layer stacked on the bottom piece. And cut serdtsevinka each of them was filled up to a quarter of a teaspoon of sugar. Now the volume of leaven cabbage is almost five times less. Therefore, no time to the whole Apple to velocitize for a while, until the cabbage is eaten. That’s already the bottom with the apples appeared, and they… it’s not ready yet! So now to the bottom of the stack, not whole apples. Cut. And sugar together with salt added to each peremenami (grind) lots of cabbage.

The volume of the party, on the one hand, attached to the tank, which will mix the cabbage with the carrot and grind it with salt, sugar and squeezed a clove of garlic. On the other — when grinding cabbage pretty intense work our fists (compressed, opened, rubbed, crushed cabbage), so they have the time you need to give pause — rest. So prepared for pickling carrots, I peel and grind on a coarse grater all at once. But the head is chopped in three or four stages.

Poshinkovat the first third (quarter), mixed with carrots. Added a clove of crushed garlic, a little bit on the tip of a teaspoon — of sugar, added some salt a pinch of salt. Mixed. Again added some salt. And began to crush and grind the cabbage. So that cabbage juice on his hands felt. The cabbage was moist and softer, obedient, your hand. Now it can be installed in a plastic bucket for fermentation. Firmly laid.

And how to put the party on top threw a few peas black pepper. After the last game of the first head, as close to the middle of the bucket, put in the cabbage Bay leaf. And so — until you get almost to the top of the container in which we kvass cabbage. Almost, but not to himself. Between the level laid down for cabbage fermentation and the edge of our dish should be a distance of at least inch.

The fact that during fermentation the level of the liquid (the future of the brine) rises. And it is, if we don’t leave the distance between the top point of the laid for pickling cabbage and the rim of the bucket (or three-liter jars), will spill over the edge. Therefore, to lay cabbage “chock-full” is not recommended.

I laid the last batch rubbed with sugar and salt cabbage, put it on a shallow dish, diameter slightly smaller than the diameter used for pickling capacity, and have at it — oppression. As such, you can use the normal jar, which, for weight, full of water.

And so with the yoke, let the Kale and worth. A couple of days. Or a little more.

Only once or twice per day (morning and evening) to have formed during fermentation gases with a specific “cabbage” smell, the cabbage you pop a few (two or three). Before, when fermentation was used, the bucket capacity for this purpose required special long to reach the bottom, sharpened stick-peg. Now enough of the length of the average blade of a knife to pierce laid in a plastic bucket of cabbage to the day.

By the end of the second day took a bit of cabbage from a bucket, tried. How is she to your taste? Normal? Then put them in the fridge. If you like sourer, let the cabbage stand in the kitchen for another twelve hours. The main sign of readiness is the disappearance generated by the fermentation of foam and the brightening brine.

That is, in principle, that’s all. Well, if someone suddenly asks: why should I do it? If sauerkraut and shop there.

Yes, there is. But the one who did the cabbage in the factory, because it is important that large (industrial) volume of finished product sold. And you expect that when it will satisfy your taste, and taste your neighbor, and the taste of the neighbor of your neighbor.Iemanufacturer focused on a homogenized taste of the consumer. So it is standard. GOST, OST, TU. But so the thing was original… you in the near grocery to find.

Try sacaste cabbage yourself. Experiment. Instead of apples, someone is using Northern berry. For example, cranberries. Sugar you can try to replace white seedless raisins. To raisins — add prunes. Who doesn’t like garlic. But loves cumin. Or rosemary. Experiment!

And ever. Just imagine…

Spring. Planting season is in full swing. And suddenly, leaving his Affairs have just dug up the garden to your fence is suitable neighbor: “honey… You’re like autumn cabbage booze will not forget me! I now you have some planted. But no matter how I try, still… there is No taste, like you. If anything, I’m head give. Or — blue. You know what they have me. Hoo!”.

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