How to find a bodyguard for a child or to protect yourself?

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Aleksey Fonarev, head of the headquarters of the National Association of bodyguards of Russia, says:“At present not all businessmen hire bodyguards for his family, considering it a waste of money. It is their personal decision. They forget or do not want to know what the bodyguard is able not only to prevent child abduction, but also to identify dangerous tendencies, for example, drug use by the child or someone close to him. Also happens when you employ the protection of the family, but not myself. This is the other extreme. In matters of security it is impossible to do half-measures”

According to statistics, in Russia employs about 12,000 private security guards may use firearms. Without his carry — 5,000 people. Competition among security companies is very tough. Only in Moscow it is registered more than 4600 companies specializing in security.

According to the Law“On private detective and security activity in the Russian Federation”to the bodyguard must meet the following requirements:1. To be a citizen of the Russian Federation not younger than 18 years, legally competent, have no criminal record.2. After learning of the security case to the bodies of internal Affairs identity private security guard.3. To go to work under an employment contract in the security business, licensed.4. When using firearms and special equipment necessary permissions.

The child guard special working conditions. First of all, they are great psychologists. Because the children are more than adults, need serious individual approach. A good bodyguard will easily establish contact, will make implementation of protection in a game in which the child will participate. Can teach the mentee some means of self-defense in case of an emergency.

The bodyguard must be highly educated and have a broad Outlook, encompassing all aspects of the life of the modern child, such as the computer (and games), musical direction. Knowledge of foreign languages.

The great value has the medical training, especially if the child is fond of extreme sports. It is important and technical support, for example, characteristics of equipment for climbing or mountain bike, because the bodyguard will probably have to use them.For the protection of girls, it is advisable to attract female bodyguards. They have access to many “forbidden” areas — the toilet, the locker room, on “the bachelorette”. However, the fair sex among Russian security personnel a total of about 500.

To make a choice

Let’s say you decide to contact the security company. Ring up a few companies, swipe between them the tender. Ask how long there is a security Agency, what is the range of customers, ask customer testimonials. Spend money on training employees and raising their qualifications? Do from time to time to replace the bodyguard, giving him the opportunity to train or just relax?

Immediately stipulate the relationship “customer-protection”. Support of a child can be hour, shift or episodic (e.g., travel abroad, on some event, etc.). Preferably a day or two to sit in when working the guard, to talk about the character and behavior of the child’s interests.

The cost of bodyguards varies from 50 to 450 rubles per hour in the regions and from 85 to 1000 per hour in Moscow. The amount depends on the qualifications of the bodyguard and the duration of the contract.

Once again I quote Alexey N. Fonareva:“In our practice there have been cases where the bodyguards proved its necessity. The bodyguard had time to help when the baby swallowed a small object that make it difficult to him to breath. The girl brought the leg into the sea, and a bodyguard helped her get to shore. In a foreign country, only the presence of a group of young man of a sports Constitution have helped to avoid problems in the night city. All this is not fictional stories, and examples of the work of the members of the Moscow club of bodyguards, “Grey shadow”.

Was there a boy?

You can follow the child and themselves, and to entrust it to someone from relatives. Here come to the aid of modern technology. For example, the satellite tracking system.

Well-proven tracker TR-101 from the brand GlobalSat (Taiwan). It provides quick search of the child, transmitting its coordinates to the mobile phone via SMS or to a computer via GPRS. The device looks like a toy “mobile” and easy to handle, even for young children. It has three quick dialing buttons and emergency call button programmed on customer request. Cost 275-350.e.

For inhabitants of Moscow there is a simpler way to protect the children. Is the service “Mobile bodyguard” and “Mobile angel”.

“Mobile bodyguard” is a call of private security staff by pressing one button on the cell phone. Typically, the response time to alarm is 5-7 minutes. The cost of connection to service — 15.e. subscription fee is 0.5.e. a day.

“Mobile angel” at any time will notify you of the whereabouts of the child. For this it is necessary to register in the system from your phone and mobile child, and then send an SMS with his name to a short number (to get a text description of its coordinates, the next street, metro station, etc.) or to use the portal “MTS-search” (seeing a map of where the blue circle indicates the location of the child to within a few hundred meters). Cost is a fun inexpensive: 0.15.e. for each SMS, or connection with the portal.

Of options to ensure the safety of the child in Russia today many. What to prefer — to solve to you. Most importantly — do not ignore the problem.

Bright days and peaceful sleep for you and your children!

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