How to get a new smartphone for free?

On the other hand, such reasoning can and does stop the running progress! Therefore, it would be good to upgrade their mobile technology to do, but no money to spend. Is it possible in our greedy capitalist world? It turns out that possible. And free and conditionally-free cheese go with no trap.

In Shanghai is a transport hub, Longteng (Longtang), where a local industrial center was Merit Prospect Limited. Along with Jay Digitals she owns the website — is Chinese online store of all electronic machinery. But there is one feature, namely section Applicataion for trial “App on trial”. First, I think that there is just some software with a free trial. But no! It is that phones, tablets and all sorts of other gadgets. The website offers to place your order, pay the purchase and get a smartphone.

What is “free”? About the gadget you need to write a report-in any language in 7 days, leave it on any relevant website and notify the seller via email. After that, the shop will reimburse the entire purchase amount (excluding shipping cost). While I only know of one real case, when the Russians had done all these manipulations, and left with money and a smartphone. No, that is not something that in other cases, the store cheated, and just did my history on the work with store Pandawill.

The downsides of this method is missing:

the review must be placed on a popular site (more on this below);the review should be a link to the online store and the goods;failed to understand that if the review will not be accepted or written (probably have to stay with the chosen smartphone without refund).

Try to understand. Custom sites in Russia, taking extensive (not quick) feedback from everyone, little. Not everywhere will be allowed to give a link to a commercial resource. Plus to make a survey on the level of, for example, Mobile-Review for the week is not so easy. Finally, expensive phone just will not let (price range is 100-200 $). Plus no flagships A-brands is not there, only “Focsani”, “Dapanji”, “Flyinge”, etc.Yes, even in the application it is advisable to give examples of already made articles on testing devices. So that method is not for everyone.

In Russia, too, there is a website which gives gadgets in exchange for reviews of devices and applications. A good old Helpix (exists since 2004). Besides the fact that accepts feedback in a free form from anyone, so more and allow those commercial links. And no need to buy anything. It is sufficient to tell about your current smartphone, favorite app for Android or iOS, tablet, router, the “reader” and wait for the decision of the jury. Contests are held every month. Consolation prizes for 2nd and 3rd place — 400 and 200. (listed on WebMoney).

Are there any downsides? Well, minus not a minus, but is difficult to win. Top article writing technofetishist seasoned, richly flavored text, pictures, screenshots, test results, and even videos. To get rid of subjective impressions and generalities will not work.

What to do if there is no desire to become a leading analyst of the mobile world there, and to get a new smartphone you really want? Remain competitions. Their is quite a lot. Enough to walk on thematic sites from 3Dnews (in August played a 6-inch phablet from Lenovo) to the tech section However, the latter condition in contests involve close friendship with social networks. For example, you need to:

like a portal in Facebook, VK, Odnoklassniki or Twitter;subscribe to the groups of the portal in social networks;otlichat the post about the contest;subscribe on Youtube;otlichat the contest page on the website.

Still worth a look in Ukrainian The last contest ended on August 18 this year, so, despite the political fuss in Ukraine, the portal is alive and well. You can not say about — latest contests dated last year. Play different gadgets and news portals such as Cnews, and distant like the technique of trading network like “Comus.”

Periodically give your soup gratuitously (i.e. for nothing) and the producers themselves. So it makes sense to monitor the website the preferred brand. In August, Asus gave away 20 brand new Zenfone 5, and last spring, Lenovo donated their awful S720 for correct answers (I bought this phone in the store, cursed him for a month, and only after careful customization smartphone more or less earned!).

All the contests are usually reduced or to answer questions about the company/device, or, again, a brief review of the brand. The exception was the drawing tablet on Windows 8 last year — the organizers have offered to write a story about how a small or a medium business switched to “eight” and how he became this good in the country “Soviet” to live.

In the online magazine “” in the competition for best comment also compete for the mobile device (e.g., Alcatel one touch pop s7). So you can not even write “mnogabukav”, and how to anneal in the “comments” and get a prize.

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