How to get rid of warts?

On the body many small papillomas (“pendant”), and they appear again and again. Generally sweating (neck, armpits, under the Breasts in women). How to stop this process and whether it is necessary to remove them and how (what does Tibetan medicine)?

Elvira, Ufa

Galina Bushueva, the doctor of the clinic of Tibetan medicine “Naran”, a member of the Association of physicians of Tibetan medicine, Moscow

Bile is outraged!

– If the body had a papilloma – a lot of “pendant” of various size and hue, should be checked for human papillomavirus (HPV). But if the virus is absent, then, according to Tibetan medicine, there is another, often accompanying the virus to be the cause: perturbation of the Constitution Bile, caused by the abuse of spicy, fried, fatty and acidic foods, and alcohol. Bile is indignant because of poor lifestyle: a long-term stay in the heat and the sun, the violation of recommended regime in the southern resorts, work or leisure under the scorching sun of the summer cottage. Everything else to the disruption of the lifestyle is the inability to cope with their emotions – anger, stress, irritation, nervousness.

Often young women in pursuit of a beautiful tan abuse beds, and this leads to the fact that at the age of 35-40 years they discover on the skin age spots, large moles and warts. And of course they don’t suspect that a possible reason was the perturbation of the Constitution Bile due to excessive activation of its ultraviolet radiation, which can also cause mastitis.

All these factors stimulate the liver, make it hard to produce bile and other substances (cholesterol, prothrombin, etc.), which get into the blood through the bloodstream, spread throughout the body, poisoning it.

Bile, penetrating through the General circulation to the muscles, bone, joints, skin, hair, causes of disease that are seemingly not connected with the liver at all. The skin may appearance of age spots and moles, acne, warts. If they became very much, you should pay attention to the functioning of the liver, gall bladder, heart.

How to stop the process?

The answer is as simple as clear: to harmonize the Constitution of the Bile. Let’s start with General recommendations: try to live in the cool, don’t tan in the sun, avoid prolonged stay in a stuffy and hot environments, it is better to stay at resorts with a mild climate and mineral waters.

Heightened pride and vanity, exaggerated ambition is poison for the mind. This should be avoided. Need to work on your emotional state, to be able to relieve irritation, to learn to listen to advice. The schedule of the day, even the busiest, must always remain a place for relaxation and rest.

And nutrition

In the diet should forget about the fried, fatty and very spicy food. Onion, garlic, red and black peppers can be consumed only in small quantities. From spices it is better to use those that have a slightly salty, bitter or sweet taste: mustard, horseradish, nutmeg, saffron, ginger, cardamom. In General, the user should choose bitter, wagamama, sweet and sour tastes.

The best food is boiled, stewed or steamed. Food must be fractional, frequent and small portions. Does not hurt liver low-fat fresh pork, beef, poultry, meat, Turkey, chicken, venison, fish and all seafood. But hot soup (especially soup), rich and fatty soup, however, should be avoided.

Hot tea is preferable to a dried fruit compote to drink which should be not earlier than one hour after the main meal. Useful are infusions of herbs, immortelle, corn ryltsev, elecampane, oats, Althea, juniper, hops, barberry, milk Thistle, sage, clover. These teas can be drunk regularly 2-3 times a day, alternating plants in a month.

Remember that caring attitude to their health is not a luxury, not a whim, but the only effective method to prevent the disease. “Day and night I will lead a correct way of life” – a thought that always keep in mind, and suffering will not touch you” (treatise “chzhud-Shi”).

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