How to love hedgehogs?

So, when my grandfather brought me fishing little hedgehog, my joy knew no bounds. “Now, — I thought, — I will not let anyone hurt this defenseless brooding creature!” Of course! We all know children were dogs and cats, and I have a hedgehog!

The problems began immediately.It turned out that the hedgehog is very painful. No, really, hurt. Thorns he is very sharp and Pat it, like a Guinea pig — not. As well as pick up from the floor like a puppy… Take it in hand in a canvas mittens extremely uncomfortable. And watch in expanded form, can only sprinkle a little on him floral spray. Then he briefly turns around and puffing discontentedly.

The hedgehog had to give a name, and definewho he is — a boy or a girl — was not possible. Scrutinise tightly in a bun, pet securely hid all that could clarify this question. Stopped at the neutral Hedgehog.

Night the Hedgehog was sitting in a box, and at night it was decided to release him into the corridor. Because, as it turned out, the night the hedgehog —not sleeping. Moreover, at night a hedgehog is active and cheerful. At night, he is full of energy and thirst for adventure. Cartoon hedgehog on a hike through the fog pushed is not an invitation to bad the bear, and the naturalistic way of life.

Everything would be fine. But, alas! — the hedgehog is not a cat that is interested to move maximum silently. The most shameless way hedgehog notifies the environment that is such, namely,snorts, sneezes, sniffs and coughs.And throughout his walk.

On top of the picture it became clear that a Hedgehog, for all its undoubted advantages, still I. And nothing to do with tramping this sound not. This is the sound. Loud, full and frequent. If a small elephant shod in mountaineering boots with metal “cats” on the soles — then, perhaps, the sound would do the trick…So all night the household listened to einem marches instead of sleep. It should be noted that when a Hedgehog for a while calmed down, became more uncomfortable, because painful wanted to run out into the hallway and find out what he found is stunning. Oppressive silence was almost scarier than the rhythmic clatter…

And in the morning it turned out one more detail. Like all normal, tightly eat animals — the hedgehog. Niskolechko not embarrassed. On the linoleum. And certainly not as casually taking off from the cage the parrot. No… Hedgehogs do such a clay blotches that will not scour…

Looking in the morning for my sleepy the physiognomy, the grandfather of not very confidently asked me to include a Hedgehog ago. Where he has friends, where he may have lost mom, where the rustle of grass muffles his movements, and where every Bush a Hedgehog to sleep (popologist?) let…

No matter how pathetic it was for me to part with this, in its own way, exotic pet, but spent the night with him was very revealing. The conclusion was short but succinct: hedgehog, meadow shrouded in mist, and a hedgehog under the sofa are two completely different hedgehog.And something tells me that the first option for the hedgehog, and for an apartment dweller — preferably…

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