How to make a handmade gift? Pirate option.

For this you will need: — photographs of recipients and the pictures on the pirate theme (in electronic form); — printer; — paper; — a certain amount of cash.

First we need to take photos and sculpt using thereof a photo collage. This can be a person a “victim” framed “Wanted” and/or it is in a pirate costume for photo montage. All this should be in the background of your chosen paintings with chests of gold, skulls, ships and other attributes of life of the pirates.

Then sent the collage to the photo shop for printing. For the format of the finished work is quite suitable poster size (30×45 cm). It will cost you 40-60 rubles on photo paper or 150-180 rubles on paper for posters.

While your chosen organization is engaged in the realization of your artistic intent, we find the costume shop and purchased him a red bandana, black hat, no less a black eye patch and all, what are you willing to fork out and what the store has enough of the appropriate range. You can only do hat (from 300 rubles), as it is the main eye-catching “business card” of a pirate.

And finally, last but not least — a black mark. Print, palm-sized, black circle with white bones and a letter explaining what is going on. The font is broken, pirate. The text of the letter can be:[Name]! Recently I was (a) at Tortuga, and now I know your secret! It is useless to make excuses and try to hide the truth in the future. The TRUTH always gets out from under the vest. You are a PIRATE! I told you (a), [Name]. From this moment happiness will be to look for a man with a black mark. PS Brought to (La) your stuff. Will be able to show their true face in the near future.A black mark put into the letter.

Buy collage, collect all your pirate ingredients in one gift and boldly go to visit. But if you are preparing a gift alone, you can find a suitable script for pirate of the holiday and to arrange with friends a real show with games and prizes. The Internet is full of such scenarios, and don’t be afraid that they are for kids: everyone in the soul — child, and to do something unusual all want. Find the accomplice (s) shall describe the roles, prepare the costumes — holiday will be unforgettable. But the forces and means it will take much more. I wish you the best of Luck, the newly minted Pirates and explorers! ]

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