How to make baby toys from the available tools?

In any house there are the remains of different kinds of fabrics: silk, wool, cotton, batting, jeansetc.Fabric should be cut into pieces of different size and shape and give the child to touch and explore them, you can use different kinds of paper: cardboard, cloth, parchment, colored, glossy, velvet, etc.

Let the baby games plastic bottles and tubes with lids, let them try to open and close. In the container of vitamins or transparent bottles of mineral water, you can pour the different cereals (semolina, buckwheat, beans, peas, millet, sunflower seeds) and carefully close. They will make different sounds when shaking. Under such “musical instruments” you can sing and dance. Generally, cereals can be used very diverse. Mix, for example, beans and peas, and have the child put them in different containers, this lesson for a long time fascinated him. Also different cereals you can put different patterns in the plastic cover previously smearing it in clay.

Various kitchen utensils is a good field for games. Pots of different sizes, plastic cups, glasses, spoons, ladles — great tools for a child’s development. No expensive toy will not replace a child, for example, two different sizes of pans that can be nested into each other to make a pyramid, “cooking” them porridge, soup, put in and get some items.

Lids from jars of baby food can be used to upload drawings on the floor or building.

Tubes from toilet paper roll, stick them in a variety of materials: cloth, paper, sacks, etc.

Of matches (don’t forget to remove the phosphorous head!) you can put on the table different letters, numbers, drawings, to use in the modeling clay.

From the shells of walnuts make boats and let the spring in the brook or in the bathroom at home.

In bottles of mineral water pour painted with watercolors water, close the lid. In the lid make holes and draw this water in the winter in the snow.

Give your child the pelvis. May it be a ship at sea, and turning, make it high mountain on which to climb. The pelvis can be a drum, a cabin for the snail (the snail will let your baby). So many ideas, but it’s only a basin for washing!

Old gloves can make an amazing toy. Each “finger” glove tab thread in the form of hair, buttons and beads in the form of eyes, nose and mouth. With this gloves and you can feed baby and put to sleep, and performance to deliver.

Find an old sock. Tab on a different shape, size and color buttons, lace (only hard tab!). Here you have another toy. It can be something to put to pull out, tie-untie, compare buttons.

Look around you. In the house there is a huge number of things that you can play, developing a child. In such games develop perception of the shape and size of the child, causality, thinking and imagination of a child, formed motor skills, motor skills, small muscle movements, research activity.

Don’t be lazy! Don’t leave the baby alone with the toy. Play with him, teach him to play.

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