How to overcome all the barriers and not give up prematurely on the road to success?

Let me ask You: in the moment when You see someone in a wheelchair, what do You think about him? Most of us think of him as a defective person.

Sometimes we can visit a sense of guilt for what he is unwell, and we, say, still have both legs. Even want to apologize to him or give a donation. Or the blind man who walks with a cane, or one-armed? Why they are considered inferior?

People can limit the potential of each of them, in spite of their physical disabilities. But the man who has attained real success, does not take fact that it does not depend on the opinions of others.

Some of the greatest minds of mankind were in wheelchairs. One such person was President Theodore Roosevelt. Unless someone could assume that the person having physical defect, can become President of one of the greatest Nations on earth?

There is one very strong statement by President Roosevelt, which should light your way to success. Here it is.

“Do what you can with what you have where You are”.

Let me give You another amazing story of overcoming barriers.

Currently lives and well in the world one amazing boy. He is a great mathematician, despite the fact that suffers from the illness destroying his bone. He is in the literal sense of the word gradually disappears. It looks ugly. His glasses are constantly moving out, because the face has fallen and his nose was almost gone. All teeth rotten. His body is terribly deformed.

This boy can not write, but in spite of all he makes “the best math calculations”. Professors come to his home and being near his bed, write down everything he says. On the basis of his calculations are developed by the mathematical textbooks for universities. This young mathematician is a shining example of willpower, persistence and movement toward your dream.

If he manages to overcome all the barriers and remove restrictions, then the more You or I can achieve anything in life, if you don’T GIVE up prematurely!

The illness is not able to destroy or stop the potential that resides in each of us. Only the people can kill your own potential, if he falls into depression and abandon their dreams.

In any case, don’t give up because of some physical disability. Don’t you dare give up on your dreams even in the most difficult situations.

Your potential is not destroyed if You can’t see or can’t walk down the street. Your potential is not destroyed due to the fact that You were not born “in the family”, or someone of the parents is an addict, or are You even “round” orphan.

Overcome any barriers! With a single purpose: to use all the riches hidden inside. No one can rise above the limitations they set.

As well as the final success, therefore, failure is fatal too.

Mistakes and failures have been and will be. They do not need to be afraid of. Be brave and ready to move forward. Many talents have been lost only for the reason that they were not brave enough.

Every day sends to the grave countless are no famous people that doubt and timidity kept from trying to do anything.

Never tell anyone that there is something that is impossible to achieve because there is someone else who might, long years of waiting that someone would make that impossible. And it is likely that the mission assigned to You.

Fear can stop a person in an attempt to realize the dream. But be brave! Don’t be afraid of failures because each of them only a failed attempt. In addition to her, there is the success. And here it is necessary to strive!

I like the one motto that helps me personally in life and in business. When I fail, to go through a difficult situation, I say the following.

“Yes, lost one battle, but the war is not over”.

The biggest mistake that man can make, is that he is AFRAID to MAKE a MISTAKE! But not mistaken only those who have not had the chance to make mistakes, because I never tried.

It is better to attempt and fail than never try and not know that You could become successful.

Remove all limitations! Dare not be afraid to try!

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