How to prepare mayonnaise at home?

The word “sauce” is usually perceived a kind of thick fragrant spice to a hot dish. Sour cream, mushroom, garlic. But the words “mayonnaise” and “sauce” I, for example, are not identified. Maybe it was the fact that we habitually buy this product in the store, pour them a dish and we even can not think how quickly and easily you can make this sauce at home. And the result, I assure you, it will surprise you to the core! It’s so delicious! Cooks by the way saying that most people not only eat real mayonnaise, but not even seen him.

Try to understand, what classic recipe have to be real mayonnaise.

1. Oil. The composition of mayonnaise is about 70% vegetable oil. It is preferable to use the best refined olive oil and then the mayonnaise is suitable for all occasions. In the case of any other vegetable oil, it should only be refined, but the mayonnaise will have to lose the taste.

2. Raw eggs. Eggs should be fresh and the yolks have a nice bright color. Eggs of waterfowl are not using (God forbid Contracting — before use you need to cook, and we do not fit). Eggs are carefully broken into a Cup, inspect, sniff, and then carefully separate the yolks. Of the remaining proteins can fry an omelet or make a meringue.

3. The sugar and salt. Instead of sugar is better to use natural substitute, for example, fructose.

4. Lemon or vinegar. As the acidifier should take freshly squeezed lemon juice. In a pinch, you can use citric acid or vinegar. Do not experiment with Apple cider vinegar — the taste is not so hot.

5. Mustard. If you wish to friends or family members to brag that they themselves have prepared not just mayonnaise, mayonnaise “Provencal”, add to the first regular mustard or dry powder.

6. Supplements. As additives can serve all kinds of spices, herbs, horseradish, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, capers, dill, onion, garlic, cheese, rich imagination.

And finally, the cooking process.

All components must be of the same temperature. Detachable two yolks, take half a teaspoon of salt and teaspoon of sugar. Put it all together and stir by hand (please, do not have to — take the best whisk for whipping) clockwise (well, at least, use the mixer) until then, until you dissolve salt and sugar. Now the most important thing. Continuing to mix, add a teaspoon of vegetable oil. Two egg yolks have about a Cup of oil. The sauce is quite thick. Want thinner add more oil. When all the oil poured, the sauce becomes homogeneous, yellowish. Now put in it a teaspoon of mustard and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Here it is — the familiar mayonnaise of the usual color. And the taste! Bliss!

You think that a homemade version more expensive shops. Of course, if you in order to save consume questionable products for 10 rubles, I agree with you. But if used to buy something more expensive, compare the costs.

Salt, sugar, mustard is taken in such ridiculous quantities that the calculation can not accept. Remains lemon, 1 egg, a Cup of vegetable oil (olive if you want — go out, of course more expensive, maybe very expensive, but this option can be left to receive VIP-persons). Well, that turned out to be very expensive? 20 percent more than you pay in store.

Now compare the composition of your meals and purchase. Read, read. Feel the difference? And your body will feel? That is something, no preservatives, colorings and other rubbish. Besides the taste… the Only problem. Store homemade mayonnaise in the fridge even up to weeks. But I somehow think that he will disappear out much earlier. Bon appétit!

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