How to prepare your resume?

What to do to such a mechanism to work with your participation? It’s simple: you need to prepare and to interest the employer. Competent is just such a tool that will help you get on the stage “interview”.

Writing summaries is a crucial moment. Remember: a good summary gives a chance of getting a job, bad such opportunities exclude. Therefore, we should strive to be the best. After reading it, the employer should want to see you personally in his office. In this article I will give some. Following them, you will create a resume that will definitely pay attention.

1. Before drawing up your own summary find samples, and examples Wiley periodicals. Examine a few options, highlight similarities and differences, note the writing style. There are certain similarities that will allow you to include them in the basis of the summary.

2. To summarize, you need in business style, using a specific working terminology is simple and clear sentences (your resume is read once, no more!), without complex speech “bells and whistles”. The text should contain only the specific facts of your working biography, that is the last job in 3-5 years, the availability of expertise, basic and advanced skills, personal details and so on. Of course, the colourful and long sentences at best will make you smile when reading this summary. No more!

3. Include only reliable facts. No, if you don’t know how! At the interview (if summary like) you don’t have to think hard when answering questions of the employer, remembering what you said in your summary about the same question. Honesty and sincerity creates a relaxed conversation, without nerves and brooding looks.

4. When writing you should avoid such words and phrases as: I, probably, perhaps, likely to be similar. Such statements inthe style of the business letteris invalid, as it indicates some kind of ambiguous position, doubt. At the time of writing you should have to define their position and desires. Write confidently.

5. To summarize better in the printed version, as it is widely distributed. In addition, your handwriting may not tell. And believe me, to understand the virtues of this Scripture even will not — lay summary aside or even thrown away. Typing need one font (alternating and mixing is not allowed), an easy to read font size (14-18), the interval is better to take 1.5−2.

It is only the base that is necessary to maintain the summary in a rigid form. Summary — this is a business paper that has a lot to tell about you (native language, literacy narrative, some business skills, etc.). And the last tip: spend time on creating your resume!.

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