How to relax in comfort and save money?

Previously, it was clear that the rest can only afford the “rich man”. Now it’s available to everyone, but we are talking about comfort. You can relax very expensive – and bad – not sparingly, but lavishly. Fortunately, much now depends on the tourist who can choose. Let’s look at the points on what you can save when you plan your trip.

The principle of the purchase of any tickets is that the more you do yourself, the greater the savings. For example, you can use the private city ticket office near your home or work. But there you take the interest for the service, sometimes you could pay thousands more for a ticket. For shipping you will calculate 200-300 rubles. Use the ticket offices of the airlines or stations. And even better – their Internet sites, there are usually cheaper tickets.

If you’re flying abroad through a travel Agency, choose budget flights, where passengers are not fed, they are usually nocturnal. Here you can save $ 100-200.

Avoid hotels on the main street of the city, they will always wind the price due to location. Drive five metro stations, and there you will surely find more comfortable hotel, but the room will be cheaper. In big cities look for hostels – youth hostels where for a nominal fee to stay a night or two.

On sites can find a rented apartment for a number of days and much for less than the cost of a hotel room.

By the way, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, now a lot of domestic hotels that are based near airports. Instead of waiting in aerosole connecting flight, you can only for 500-800 rubles to bed, shower and Breakfast.

Look for friends

Another option to save on accommodation is to find friends in the city you need over the Internet. There are a whole community where travelers exchange addresses. Someone is ready to receive you in the capital, you will be offered accommodation in the city. Usually the exchange is between countries as to afford a ticket to Paris, but to live there in a luxury hotel – not every pull. Meanwhile, if you accept a room from a friend overseas, you will save thirty thousand, and the trip will become available. Besides, travelers do not refuse to walk in the city, it is very interesting.

To stay on vacation without a cell connection is tempting, but doubtful security. First, have the phone the travel Agency where you booked, a local guide assigned to you, and the insurance company. At the slightest indisposition do not count on the hotel staff, call me directly to Moscow, insurers will help you with your doctor. But how to call? That’s what you take care of the local SIM-card, that you sell in Moscow a special company that sell international cards. Usually, it costs 500 rubles, plus the account is placed not less than 20 euros. To call home will in any case expensive, it is better to do SMS. But to call each other among themselves and local numbers guides will be free and for peanuts.

Experience shows that twenty to thirty percent of the existing a sum of money the tourist spends “unaccounted-for” – for Souvenirs, unplanned excursions, ice cream. If your goal is not to get into debt, keep in mind that all the shops in tourist areas much wind the prices. Should look “normal” shops, which are locals, and there you will buy everything much cheaper. The same applies to food. Find an ordinary supermarket and not to overpay for drinks, sweets, nuts and beer. Alcohol is generally better just before departure to buy duty-free and use it in the room. Because a glass of Martini or white wine will cost you not less than 500 roubles in recalculation on the Russian money.

Tour guide services

Abroad experienced guide is necessary, but in Russia you can well do without it. To save do not rush to join a tour group. For example, in the capital or St. Petersburg you will be offered a tour bus to the suburbs. But if you go there by bus, will save up to thousands rubles. Because the place, in a Museum or Palace, you still provide a guide, and is included in the ticket price. While books about the Hermitage or the Kremlin on the spot is generally better not to buy. In any bookstore you will find at an affordable price.

Don’t skimp on safety!

Think in advance about how you will carry money and documents in a long journey. Make sure you bring a copy of your passport, this will save you in case of loss. Never put your passport in your bag or briefcase, always carry inside breast pocket. But this applies only to the road, abroad, on the contrary, keep it in the hotel, not pity money for a rental.

The principle of saving money is this: as much as possible. Bank cards it is better to have at least two: if that doesn’t work, one will help another. But don’t trust them too much and don’t stay without “cash”. The wallet should be the amount you need today. The rest is in a hidden pocket of a purse, the passport, the owner, in the case of points. Choose the most unusual places, which does not calculate thieves.

Cut talk

Going to another city, take care of the local SIM card. Buy it at arrival place immediately. You can buy it in Moscow companies trading in international cards.

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