How to sell something unnecessary? Part 1. Why?

In this case, all intended for sale, shall be put before the house, obsessives price tags and sold to everyone living nearby. Sale much cheaper than new, and all that one for the price not bought — you can safely throw out. Because these things just do not need. Anyone.

We also arrange is definitely will remain not understood. Because — “because it is not accepted”. And they have to keep “just in case”. I myself for a very long time put their “temporarily unnecessary” things on the mezzanine, until one day my family was in a financial hole. Because it’s my fault to get us out of the pit, too, was waiting for me. It was necessary to establish the accounting of money (which I did very quickly) and find a second job (but it had to look for a long time). In between these sessions I’m thinking “Where else would I get money?” came across an old battery left over from replacing a new one. My family quietly brought to the entrance, that would “still” do not interfere, but “we’ll see what to do with them”.

In the free newspaper every day throwing in my mailbox, I found a few ads with the text “we Buy old cast iron radiators. Expensive.” The next day, absolutely we do not need the battery were exchanged for four very useful pyatisotletny. And then I thought: what else junk you can sell, and is it worth it?

As it turned out — worth it. And here’s why.

Yes, used items are much cheaper new. Indeed, over time, becomes more expensive, alas, only Antiques. But, on the other hand, I sell something for several years accumulates the dust in the apartment and eats in my part of the apartment (or where it there is), and in return receive cash. In my opinion, very beneficial.

At first glance it seems that the hassle of selling would be through the roof. In addition, possible costs, and whether they will be able to recoup — it is a question. From my experience, I can say: the announcement was posted on the Internet absolutely free, and if hung correctly and the price was adequate, and a good thing — bought the first or second responded in a few days. If the thing was useless — there was no barrage of calls and letters, no “how to see”, no fuss — no-th-th.

In the house released a bunch of places. After I sold threw all the junk out of closets, the opportunity to remove them from the balcony, miles of computer wire (which my husband refused to leave). By the way, under the wires, we found my ground and drainage for potted plants, drill for drill, as well as 20 skeins of toilet paper and 18 pieces of soap, do not know who bought and who zamykanie. And now, on the balcony, finally, was a place to put all the tools of her husband in a special box in the summer I arranged my flowers, and in winter there “the pleasure room” (a very useful thing, if you have a newborn at home and on the street — frost). However, this had yet to sell a washing machine “Baby”.

In a niche where the parents held a second “spare” and is absolutely not used by us refrigerator now there is a place for stocks of flour, cereals, sugar and other things. While earlier, due to the small size of the kitchen, all of this was kept in the hall.

It is a pity that the house has no pantry. There I would make my dream dressing room. Just imagine: all the dresses, lingerie, bags and shoes in one place! And the bedroom would disappear this healthy wardrobe! But if I do not.

In addition, why not give things a second life? Because it is unnecessary to you personally does not necessarily need anyone at all.

Why not sell things I needed, I figured it out. And decided: to sell! Inthe next articleI will tell you where, how much, who and what I was selling, and also how it was successfully.

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