How to survive the weather changes?

They say that there is no bad weather, but this is not about me. I am sensitive to weather changes. Sometimes I don’t even know what to do…

Victoria, Tver

What influences us?

1. Atmospheric pressure

When the pressure decreases the oxygen content in the atmosphere is reduced. A person can reduce blood pressure and blood flow. Hence, shortness of breath, heaviness in the head, a disorder of the cardiovascular system. Low barometric pressure especially can not tolerate the hypotensive. They have a fluid retention in the body in moderate physical activity increase heart rate and breathing. Is hypoxia (oxygen starvation). In hypertensive patients, in this weather health can improve. High blood pressure – people with high blood pressure – worse tolerate high atmospheric pressure.2. Temperature and humidity

High temperature combined with high humidity (90-100%) and low atmospheric pressure difficult to tolerate hypotensive patients, people with abnormal veins, including veins of the brain, and suffering from gout, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic bronchitis, chronic inflammation of the intestine and pancreas. In such weather decreases the saturation of air with oxygen, so it is generally difficult to tolerate for elderly people almost all suffering from atherosclerosis, pulmonary fibrosis and renal failure.

High temperatures easier to tolerate at normal and slightly elevated atmospheric pressure with low humidity. But this kind of weather leads to blood clots and the risk of formation of venous and arterial blood clots. Therefore, in the heat of high-pressure large risk of a stroke or heart attack.

Anton Rodionov, PhD, associate Professor of the medical faculty of the First MSMU n. a. I. M. Sechenov:

– When the outside temperature gets above body temperature, the body is severely tested. People intensively sweats, losing fluid and electrolytes. Excessive removal of fluid leads to thickening of the blood and increased risk of thrombosis, and electrolyte disturbances can cause cardiac arrhythmias.

Therefore, it is desirable to drink not simple, and mineral water, which already contains more or less balanced set of electrolytes (components, support the internal environment of the body). And patients with an increased risk of thrombotic complications must be especially careful to comply with physician-recommended drug therapy: patients with coronary heart disease should take aspirin, and patients with atrial fibrillation – anticoagulation (a special blood thinners and protects from stroke, for example inhibitors of thrombin). Eventually kills the person not the weather, and worsening of chronic diseases.3. Excessive dryness of the air

It can be the cause of SARS.

Tatiana Alyoshkina, doctor of the highest category, Deputy head of polyclinic № 1 nmhts them. Pirogov Moscow:

– To avoid increased dryness in the nasopharynx, do washing with a solution of salted or non-carbonated mineral water. For protection of mucous membrane of the throat, you can periodically suck lollipops on the basis of burnt sugar. As a means of non-specific antiviral action suit drugs having minimum side effects and no age restrictions, such as Oscillococcinum. To strengthen the immune system propene course vitamin C. don’t forget about the summer fruits and berries rich in vitamins. Moisturize the air in the room and plenty of drink.4. Solar radiation

Sunlight provides active metabolism, immune system and regulates the growth of bones and tissues, since it activates vitamin D, which is essential for calcium absorption. But excessive sun exposure can lead to sun stroke, skin burns, allergic dermatitis. And it can damage our internal environment and lead to premature aging.

Olena Vovk, Ph. D., associate Professor MSMSU, Moscow:

Excessive UV radiation can damage the cell membrane and even the nucleus of any cells of the liver, skin, nervous system, heart, muscle, gonads. Essential phospholipids that serve as construction material and ensure functioning of all cells, become “traps” for penetrating into the body of ionizing radiation, and peroxides, which are formed as a result of irradiation.

To maintain active protection and restoration of cell membranes, the body needs to intake of antioxidant vitamins (C, A, E) and continuous replacement of destroyed phospholipids. You need to have a supply of fatty acids – the main component of phospholipids. To create a reserve by their entry into the body with food or medicines – drugs that contain omega 3, and of hepatic on the basis of essential phospholipids, such as Essentiale Forte N.

Irina Salem, PhD, head. Department clinic KDK No. 1 GU nmhts them. Pirogov, Moscow

– Allergic to the sun can be encountered at sea, and in the country. The first symptoms can appear after 1-2 hours of continuous sun exposure and resemble a sunburn – the man blushes, skin rashes, blisters and swelling. If such a reaction from the sun have to hide from 11 to 16 hours. Or to wear clothes with long sleeves, wide-brimmed hat, use a cream with a maximum degree of protection. If long sun exposure cannot be avoided, you can take an antihistamine – the second generation, such as aerius, and claritin, eliminate Allergy symptoms for a day, but at least modern preparations of type of Suprastinum – for a few hours.

If the background of the weather changes there is an exacerbation of a chronic illness or rapidly deteriorating health – consult your doctor and start treatment in a timely manner.

Expert advice

Heat need as much as possible, stay indoors with air conditioning or a fan, avoid the sun, excess exercise, low fat diet, to drink more.

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