How to teach kitten to the bowl: tips from breeders

In the house there was a kitten with this fascinating little creature are not only positive emotions, but also the inevitable worries. One of the problems that concerned the owners of the baby, how to teach a kitten to eat from the bowl? The helplessness of a new family member is frightening, but do not fear – it is quite solvable problem. You only need a little bit of cunning and patience.

How to teach a kitten to a bowl

Someone who is just going to have a pet, do not worry in advance. If up to two months, the kitten stays with the mother, usually the cat itself teaches him to lap from the bowl. Simple, common in the whole of nature way – by example. This problem occurs in two cases.

Little fluffy ball trapped in your home, immediately becomes the object of attention and care. So you want him to grow up happy and healthy. But if the kitten is not able to eat from the saucer, the panic is not worth it. There are a few simple ways that will help to cope with this problem.

For training to be successful, you need to find a suitable bowl. It should not be very deep but quite wide and stable, so the kitten couldn’t turn it.

When to accustom the kittens to the bowl

Breeders suggest doing it as early as possible. Because, the older the kitten, the harder it is to get him to do what he wants. Cats can be very stubborn and independent. If the baby was still with her mother, starts to receive only the special dry food, then after 3-4 months the need to teach him to lap from the bowl can be a problem. And solving it will require a lot of time and patience.

However, before the kitten turns a month, to teach him to eat from the bowls are not worth it – he’s too weak and helpless. If for some reason this kid was left without a mother, then feed him to the first pipette, and then from a bottle with a nipple. We should also remember that the smaller the kitten, the more often he needs to eat.

The upbringing of a pet is always a responsibility and care. But how much joy and positive emotions give us these affectionate, playful, restless! Make sure that the kitten grew healthy, and your home will have its own fluffy, selflessly loving you shrink.

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