How to use the consumers local post-development IT for the good of the company?

The security of many modern companies teetering on the brink between the operational work of employees using fast access to the Internet, and the possible information leak from the internal network. On how to limit IT-the freedom of the employees of the company, and will be discussed.

Analyzing the efficiency of their employees, many companies of the IT industry come to the conclusion that the presence of personal mobile devices (tablets, laptops, smartphones) from their employees has a positive impact on their activity and growth of volumes of the performed works. But this “coin” has a downside related to computer and network security.

A few years ago, this problem was solved rather banal and harshly: the protection of information was a stumbling block, a sacrifice which was offered the very efficiency of the staff. But the trend in 2013 was the reorientation of many companies on the result, which allowed them to significantly improve their performance. A recent study conducted by the American company Citrix Systems, stunned many. According to the analytical report, the use of employees of the company not only corporate, but also personal devices has improved the overall efficiency of their work by 36%.

The first Council of the organization consumers local post-development will be managed to a more democratic atmosphere of the company in the field of IT security. Undoubtedly, given the increase in productivity, allowing employees to use personal devices on the corporate network.

After that, to determine the extent of possible threats should monitor the internal network to determine which devices are connected to it and what risks they carry for the company. Then use the fine-tuning of specialized software, you can organize a sufficiently transparent mechanism for the exchange of network traffic that will allow access to personal gadgets of staff and will lead them out of the “shadows.”

Next, you should establish a proper security policy for data access personal devices, that is, if an employee works in one area, and for the discharge of its functions don’t need special information from a different field, it can be close delimitation of rights. This will minimize the risks of information leakage.

Of course, the differences in the software between corporate and personal devices (often mobile gadgets are used by various operating systems such as Windows Phone, Android, iOS and others), the company may require the services of installers to setup specialized software.

But this is only a small fraction of the cost, which is undoubtedly worth it, it can help to significantly improve the performance of employees.

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