How to wash the gouache paint from clothing?

Gouache is used in the children’s creativity, and in the work of professional artists. Enthusiastically drawing the next picture, you can accidentally drop a few drops of paint. This does not mean that the clothes have to be thrown away. You may read our advice on what to wash and gouache.

How to wash the gouache with white things

In order to return the clothing to its former white and not to damage the fabric, you can use the following methods:

    Solvent. To eliminate pollution of the liquid for removal of varnish, gasoline or acetone. To do this, apply a little solvent on a cotton pad and gently treat the stain. Try not to RUB means, it can damage the fibres. After this will only wash the clothes in the washing machine on the “Daily wash”.
    The stain remover. In any shop today, you can purchase a specialized stain removers and bleaches. But their efficiency is not always high enough. Sometimes completely remove the contamination with their help fails.
    Toothpaste. Massage a small amount of paste to the stain and leave for 5 minutes. Then wash the clothes the usual way. This method allows you to remove even ingrained dirt.

These simple tips will allow you to return the white things original appearance without much effort.

Than to wash the gouache off the clothes, if the fabric color?

With colored things please contact neater. To eliminate stains of gouache, you can use the following tools:

    Glycerin. Spot sasteria in clean water without adding detergent. Treat contaminated area with a small amount of glycerin and leave it for 2 hours. After some time wash the garment in the washing machine powder.
    Alcohol. To remove gouache helps ammonia or denatured alcohol. Simply treat the stain and then wash the thing in a familiar way.
    Soap. This method is best suited for washing silk items. Just lather it on the stain and leave it for a while. After this will only wash the clothes the usual way. Effectively removes stains only 72% soap. Modern means of white color with this task can not cope.
    Eucalyptus oil. This method is suitable for removing old stains. Just wash the contaminated area with oil and then wash in the washing machine.

Remember to soak the dirty clothes only in cold water. Otherwise, paint rolled, and it will be much harder.

Using these simple techniques, you can quickly and effectively remove even old stains of gouache.

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