Hurricane “sandy” hit the new York

On approaching the coast of the United States of hurricane sandy has been known for a long time: time to prepare for the meeting with the elements was the average American, and rescue services. And that happened: one night, 29 October 2012, hurricane sandy struck the Eastern coast of North America.

The strike, which took over the States of new Jersey and new York were quite strong. Meteorologists reported that approaching the coastline borders “sandy” has become even more threatening: the maximum wind speed rose to 140 km/h.

The evening of 29 October, a few hours before the start of the storm, the city authorities began to take emergency measures: there was limited public transport, cancelled flights, halted work on the new York stock exchange. Industry of show business, too, suffered some damage: the threat of the hurricane was canceled the filming of the popular TV series “Gossip girl” and “Youth Carrie Bradshaw”.

Tropical storm “sandy” struck the city at 20.00 (4.00 a.m. Moscow time) near Atlantic city and began to move inland. Despite the significant damage the storm caused to the economy of large American cities, Americans are the last to take a storm warning as something funny, and the threat of flooding in urban areas – as a fun adventure. In the network appeared pictures of the new Yorkers, photographed in a spray against the huge waves. Twitter was blowing up with mixed messages: part of the American stars was praying for was in danger of compatriots, and the part showed utter contempt to what is happening. So, Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey) and Kelly Osbourne (Kelly Osbourne) posts touching tweets support for their new York friends and to all the inhabitants of the East coast, outrageous

Lady GaGa

(Lady GaGa) announced that new York “removed” all of her relatives, including a blind Granny, and because she feels relaxed. Next tweet the stars was the message: “I will never watch the movie grease” tagged “Sandfire”. No less frivolous behaved Prince (Prince), who wrote: “I am prepared to meet the storm. I have a scarf, lavender, chandelier, purple guitar, purple sunglasses, colored stones and an air mattress”.

And while the Prince and Lady GaGa were having fun on Twitter, the press began to appear about the human victims of hurricane sandy. According to the morning of 30 October, the number of victims of “sandy” has grown to 11 people.

Despite the preparedness of the rescue services, meteorological disasters are often the cause of death of people previously

in China continuous heavy rains claimed the lives of 147 people

and major European cyclone

caused the death of 10 residents of France

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