If relationships go bad: a critical look at yourself

A long and happy relationship is the dream of every couple. But reality remains reality, and it is often broken rainbow dreams and sky-high idea of happiness. When relationships go bad, a couple need to make an effort to keep your ship afloat.

When relationships go bad?

In this case, you need to find the root cause of such a crisis. It is important not to confuse consequences with causes. Externally, the cracks in the relationship appear as standard:

    stupid insults;
    meaningless quarrels over trifles;
    offensive omissions;
    jokes and ridicule;
    the complete disregard;
    unfounded accusations.

Usually, a couple is looking for a reason in each other, but it is necessary to seek the cause in yourself. Often we expect from your spouse what it is we just can’t give. There are no perfect people, so don’t expect from its companion stars in the sky.

Spoil relations: looking for the cause

If the mate does not give us what we desire, we feel inner dissatisfaction and emotional discomfort. Then annoying every detail, word, behaviour, look and even silence. People are by nature selfish and proud and expect others to worship and helpfulness, not realizing that others suffer from the same lack. People looking for a scapegoat. Them is the one who is always close. Internal discontent grows into a conflict. The truce did not solve the problem, and inside accumulated anger, resentment and irritation.

Then enough sparkle to again quarreled. It is a vicious circle.

We need to change ourselves and our attitude to the environment, and not to blame the dissatisfaction of the partner.

Why spoil relations: mutual accusations

Two individuals who grew up in different families, sooner or later will start to clash. You need to learn to compromise, tolerate and respect each other, no matter what. Most often, mutual accusations are true.

Yes, this may be the reason for the discontent. But these things should not break off relations, especially that all this is exaggerated. You need to come clean, to clarify the misunderstanding, to try to understand each other, to go on consultation to the psychologist and to put everything in place. It is hard work, but if he succeeds, the joy will never end.

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