Ilana St. George: “on the Eve of the first birthday of his daughter I was worried more than before his wedding”

A year ago the participant of the show “Ural dumplings”

Ilana St. George for the first time became a mother

. Recently, the actress celebrated the first birthday of her daughter Diana. congratulated the artist with an important date.

Ilana, your daughter was a year old. How did you celebrate this holiday?

Noted in the close family circle, only relatives and close friends. My parents came specially from St. Petersburg. Stopped by to congratulate Diana with the first day of birth my friend, actress Anna Peskova, with a huge bunch of balls at the ready, and six-foot Teddy bear. Even I was not like this, and the baby now has. Preparing for the holiday, I start in two weeks and on the eve of Diana’s birthday even more worried than before my wedding, but all the experiences were in vain. The holiday was great. We did a family party or even a picnic. The Koreans have a saying that in life every person needs to celebrate three holidays: the first day of the child’s birth, wedding and 60th anniversary. Even though we are not Koreans, but also came to organize the first holiday with our baby.

— Probably gifts for the birthday girl was a lot?

— Most useful for a small baby is clothes. Diana is growing very fast, and it only once put on, and the dress is small. But after the birthday party we provided for a long time. Friends gave, as they say, “grow” two cars that Diana, when older, will manage. One car drive to the street, the second for the house. The grandfather was presented a gold pendant with a surly “D”, decorated with diamonds, and the cross — the icon, which will now be to protect us.

— Your colleagues from “the Ural pelmeni” have seen child?

Unfortunately, guys were not on the birthday Diana. Live in Ekaterinburg, and we celebrated in Moscow. So little they haven’t seen, I did not take. But we are only a year old, and all the fun still ahead of us.

— When you feed your daughter if you don’t take with you on shooting?

— I believe that by the year the child should go to “adult” food. Yes and at home with dad or grandma, she is calmer.

— That is, the daughter does not become a hindrance in your career?

— Honestly, right now life schedule is exactly the same as they were a year ago. When gave birth, then thanks to diet and activities after two months returned to its former physical form. And after childbirth the first tour went in September, Diane was five months old. All summer we spent together and it was a beautiful day! Watching how is growing your baby is a great happiness, and I always ask for time to move a bit slower, I want to do everything and miss nothing. But for me to sit in one place can be an ordeal. So I’m happy to have a job. But for a long time we separated, a couple of days max. In General, children not only do not interfere career, but even help. You reveal brighter, you have different eyes, there is another incentive to move forward. Look around! So many young mothers! And they all look great, time to work and raise two or three kids. Bow before them…

— Known to many young mothers help nanny…

Baby we don’t have is the position of my husband. Dima is violently set against them. When we’re at work, with Diana sitting artist’s mother. Sometimes my daughter stays and Dima, but now it is easier: and it grew up, and we have the experience. And when my husband had to be alone with her for the first time, Yes, it was, of course, difficult. But he is one with all coped.

— I wonder what looks more like a girl?

They told me they like me, but when she was born, was a little copy of Dima. Even the doctors joked that certainly does not confuse, what the dad to give the baby…

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