Ilya Oleynikov was trying to cheat on his wife

The star of the show “Gorodok” and the series “the Couple”, people’s artist Ilya Oleynikov openly talks about their sins.

“I was on tour in one city for a half thousand kilometers from St. Petersburg, where my family likes to tell a funny storyIlya Oleynikov.– The evening after the concert I called the wife, asked how I was doing. Said that she herself at home and soon goes to sleep. I wished her good night and went to the hotel room. On the door hangs a note: “I am your longtime fan, absolutely fascinated by your talent. Stayed in room such and such, come from the champagne talk”.

I went. And found in that room… his wife, came to me. And played. “What, decided to go left?!” – asked Ira. I had a long time to explain that nothing of the sort in had thought. “Just wanted to see the fool that is me, is “absolutely fascinated”, not every day that such a meeting!”

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