In GU MVD of Russia in Moscow has revealed details of a shocking robbery of the van with mink coats on the ring road

The car of robbers has provoked road accident with participation of the minibus Volkswagen Caravella, in which salon there were mink coats. Then the kidnappers began to threaten the 52-year-old driver of the van with a gun, put him in one of their cars and drove to the 18-th kilometer of MKAD. After some time, the victim found his car, however fur there was not there.

According to the staff of capital GU Ministry of internal Affairs, the incident occurred on Sunday evening, December 29, on 57-m kilometre of MKAD. On it informs “the Newspaper.ru”.

52-the summer driver-the Belarusian also said that the van lost 42 mink fur coats that belong to one of Belarusian entrepreneurs. The total value of stolen furs amounted to 2 million rubles.

Currently being investigated all the circumstances of the incident. Law enforcement officers are searching for the kidnappers.

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