In Krasnoyarsk there was “house-turncoat”

A refrigerator and a sofa was on the ceiling?

In Krasnoyarsk in the North near the shopping center “Planeta” on the eve opened its doors the house, standing… on the roof! When looking at it, it seems he fell from the sky and boldly violated all the laws of gravity. Totally confusing Parking with a real car upside-down.

“These houses are common in Europe, but most of them can not go, – says the author of the project Anatoly Czuprynski. – In Krasnoyarsk the project all the more exciting. Opening the door, you find yourself in an ordinary apartment, but turned upside down. Guests are greeted by hanging the table with plates and cups, an upturned fridge, bathroom, sofa and all the usual interior-only bolted to the ceiling.”

The inside of the house is fully available for the guests if desired, all items can be touched. This place is just a storehouse of the interior to create a funny unusual photos. It all depends on the scope of your imagination! The authors of the project suggest to come on a tour with an empty stomach because you can feel dizzy and lose orientation in space.

The first “house-turncoat” was built in Russia in Yalta. Also, it is already in several cities – Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and Omsk.

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