In Rio medalists accused in a poor state medals

A few dozen medals issued to athletes at the 2016 Olympic games, was eaten by rust.

As Reuters reports with reference to Director of public relations of the organizing Committee of the “Rio 2016” Mario Andrada, more than a hundred Olympic medals back to the organisers. According to reports, about 130 medals awarded to the winners of the Olympic and Paralympic games in 2016 has suffered because of the rust. In addition, the coating formed black spots.

The damaged medal was sent to the mint in Rio de Janeiro, where they are trying to restore the original view. Most of the affected awards – bronze, the Agency said. Many of them began to return for repair in October last year.

Says Andrada, in a deplorable state medals to blame the owners who kept them in unsuitable conditions.

“The most common problem lies in the fact that medals were thrown or stored improperly, resulting in deteriorated lacquer coating awards. Rust and darkening appeared in those places that were damaged. Second, about 10 medals was exposed to extreme cold,” – said the representative of the organizers.

He assured that the specialists will correct all defects, and called the situation “absolutely normal practice”.

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