In Russia there was a secret patients learned how to work in Tyumen “mystery patient” that evaluates the quality of medical care in the city.

In Tyumen found a way to evaluate the performance of hospitals without the bureaucracy of special checks and budget expenses. It took the patients themselves, but not simple, and secret.

The idea is to check so the clinics and hospitals belongs to the public Council under the Department of health of the Tyumen regional administration. Took the system of secret shoppers whose job it is to evaluate the performance of shops, restaurants, banks and other commercial institutions, without advertising this fact.

– Secret shoppers pay the money, and our mystery patients are doing it out of belief – explains the difference albert Yusupov, Chairman of the public Council under the Department of health. Just now we have about ten such patients.

Unlike mystery shopper that comes into the Bank or a store specifically, the secret patient goes to the doctor is not a legend, a real problem. Then he also fills in a questionnaire, which describes all the nuances of the treatment. Nurses, of course, knows that it is a secret patient. But such appeared in the city, doctors have already know, and that, in their own words, keeps in shape.

The main problems of the Tyumen medicine are the same as everywhere: a queue in the corridors, the lack of coupons to specialists, rudeness registrars. The authors of the idea say using secret their visits in some clinics and hospitals in the city have managed to solve it. Patients might, and secret, and a scolding from the regional health Department in the event of a puncture it is quite obvious.

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