In the Rostov roof cinema show movies and stars

In Rostov-na-Donu on the roof of the four-story building opened summer cinema, learned

The outdoor cinema is no surprise, but to be on cinecrysta, as it turned out, interesting to many. Project City Cinema Roof invented and brought to life the four friends, graduates of don state technical University.

– We wanted to make something cool, memorable, what in Rostov yet was not, – says the author of the project Erik Tumasyan. – Designed the cinema themselves. The most difficult was to find a suitable roof – it should be smooth and be in the center of the city.

Perfect was the roof of a four-story youth center on the street Suvorov. The building is unusual, generally without Windows. At different times it housed a prison of the NKVD and Shoe factory, and today it was turned into a creative space with offices, food court and art areas.

On the roof of the young engineers installed a fence, screen, along with sofas and sun loungers instead of chairs. In the hall of the 37 seats that viewers booked in advance. In early may, the opening day, the roof was complete, now in Rostov has become cold to +13 and moviegoers is much smaller, despite the fact that everyone give blankets and you can order hot tea. If it starts raining, the show rolled and the money for the tickets not taken.

– We were offered to install rooftop tents, to be able to show and in rainy weather, says Eric. – But we do not want: ideas meaning – to be able to raise his head and see the starry sky.

Cinecrysta will work every day until the end of September, while the summer will not leave the southern city and look at the stars will be less romantic, much cold.

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