Interesting facts about motorcycles: and you knew about it?

Over the centuries, produced by different models of motorcycles, made even “steel horses” with a built-in airbag. The first of these motorcycles was the Honda Gold Wing made in Japan. Protective cushion mounted on the front fork.

The first motorcycle model was developed by engineer Gottlieb Daimler from Germany. Patented a wagon on a kerosene engine, designed for travel on horseback, in 1885.

The original version of the iron horse had a frame made of wood, and was on four wheels. As fuel used gasoline or kerosene. This miracle technique can reach the speed of 12 km/h. What is true of people at first entertained is the latest invention, but it was only the start for the development of engineering.

First big bike race held right on the city street. But as a busy residential Avenue it was possible to face a great many dangers, the contest was more like a deadly idea. Since the middle of last century, motorcycle racing has moved on specially equipped tracks.

The Soviet Union occupied the second honorary position on the number of produced motorcycles. During the year, the five largest plants — Minsk, Izhmash, KMZ, IMZ and the Kovrov Degtyarev plant — produced more than half a million iron horses. The most popular in the Soviet times was the product of Russian manufacturer “Ural”. The rule for the production of iron horses in the world is, of course, Japan.

Quite amusing fact about bikes is the fact that popular all over the world bear circus named after Filatov shows the number driving motorcycle-bear. Cute bear named Girl even received a real driver’s license in Germany. In the German city of Stuttgart an unusual mototsiklistka allowed to ride on the street. Motorists several times managed to “cut” him, as it often happens for the bikers.One of the biggest collectors of bikes is considered to be Hollywood actor Brad pitt. It is known that a movie star has acquired for his collection of bikes and our three-wheeled motorcycle “Ural Tourist”. Say that this instance of his collection most often, the actor uses for family trips.

Another interesting fact about bikes: heavy bikes (from 250 kg) produced even for sales in Japan. That’s true, the right to drive such motor vehicles you can get if you have enough power to lift the side of the equipment.

The development of high speed, the feeling of freedom, adrenaline going wild — it’s not all facts, which lead to protect the motorcycle of their fans. The main thing — do not forget the helmet!

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