Is it possible to turn back the clock and regain their youth? Part 2

Density of experiencing internal problems of a man is different when he is in a calm or excited state. Calm natural fatigue after work kompensiruet joyful state of awareness. When the work goes well, a person experiencing positive emotions, not much gets tired.

In the excited state of the internal activity of man increases and unusual manifestations of time are under stress, which leads to a sharp activation of the nervous system. For biologists there is the concept of “programme of death”, which provide for the possibility of its premature inclusion in a situation of severe danger to life, stress.

The animal, caught in a hopeless situation, activate the “programme of death”, which causes the animal to accept the inevitability of death and burn in it all the time and all the time energy. The man behind the acceleration of inner time in the time of stress pay years of life and risk of developing cardiovascular and other diseases that increase the risk of premature death.

Here the energy of the experience can explain the relationship of the inner time and energy of the body when a person develops in interaction with the surrounding world. In the course of its development a person breathes, eats, is involved in different vital processes, which are irreversible. For example, a food product, such as alcohol, dilution with water back to recreate impossible.

It is impossible in the organization of the reverse time to restore to the same situation where there were people consuming certain foods. And to draw the chemical recovery process digested food. It is appropriate to quote Kozyrev:“a World in which time is contrary to ours, subject to the same forces must be equal to our World, reflected in the mirror”

Yes, our world is asymmetric, but this does not mean that my own reflection looking in the mirror, holding the donut hole, which is in my hand. Here the balance established between man and the world, must be balanced. And it turns out that the man himself shortens his life, his emotions. And what should be the duration of life, allotted to him by nature?

According to the available calculations of different spiritual teachings, the life expectancy of the average person ends 36 (6×6)-year cycle time for the representatives of ancient civilizations. Then with the development of evolutionary processes, medicine, and social conditions, the human lifespan has increased, on average up to two cycles and is 36+36=72. And as a bonus for the person watching their health, third cycle: 36+36+36=108 years.

According to other estimates, the average life expectancy of a person is calculated 28 (7×4)-year cycle time. When the physical, astral and mental plans are 28+28+28=84 years — the average duration of human life. And also a bonus of one cycle: 84+28=112 years. The “dangerous” age of transition processes is considered to be one-half cycle of 14 years (youth), 42 years (maturity), 70 years (old age), 98 years of age (decrepitude).

Both the build say that with 6-7 years of the period of study, with 12-14 years — puberty, and so on. Thus, both the calculation of cyclic processes the idea that people can live over a hundred years. If will live in peace, because man in a state of psychosis (temporary insanity) capable of percolate 2 hours the car of firewood, accelerating to several times its domestic time and burning their inner life reserves.

Or get a heart attack, stroke, stomach ulcers, other diseases that significantly reduce the number of years lived.

The twenties of the last century is a breakthrough in science and the period of discoveries. At this time appeared the work of Steinach about the “rejuvenation” associated with the recovery of sexual activity of the person by transplanting to him the donor of the sex glands of man. At the same time, the French surgeon Serge Voronov did a similar operation with a transfer to man monkey glands to rejuvenate.

Methods of rejuvenation at the Voronov was in the 1940-ies was officially terminated, but continued research in the field of hormonal therapy and the use of stem cells, ginseng, pantokrina and other biological energy, which prolongs human life. These drugs strengthen the internal capacities of the person and extend the “youth” expressed in the ability to be sexually active in old age.

To assess the potential of life of an average Russian person remember that we had a category of people who lived long enough even when its stormy youth. They were called the Kremlin long-livers who receive quality medical care and live to be 80-100 years. Received these people anti-aging treatments or not, just to say we can’t, but quality health care is of great importance in disease prevention.

Thus, it can be concluded that to extend the life time of man is no help, no time machine. The man himself hasto take care of your longevity, while maintaining the balance between its internal time with the time parameters of his world. In order to live happily ever after, it is necessary to satisfy certain requirements which contribute to the preservation of health.

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