Kate moss was not allowed to drink vodka on the plane

On Sunday, one of the passengers in the plane flying from Turkey on Board made a drunken brawl. And because on arrival was greeted by the police to explain their behavior. This story would not attract much attention because all over the world and made different airlines meet drunken passengers after landing waiting for an unpleasant conversation with the representatives of the law. But the fact that rowdy was a supermodel

Kate Moss

The star of the podium visited Turkey on the 50th anniversary of his girlfriend Sadie frost, ex wife of Jude law’s. Sunday Kate was returning from Bodrum to London on loukostera. And was pretty surprised when she was refused a supply of alcohol. According to eyewitnesses, moss was drunk and, despite the ban on drinking their own alcoholic beverages on Board, took from the bag a bottle of vodka and began to kiss her. To the comments of the staff of the supermodel was not paying attention. So the flight attendants were forced to report her behavior to the chief pilot, who in turn, reported the violation of the order in ground services.

When you exit the plane Kate was already waiting for the police. However, law enforcement did not arrest a celebrity, being confined to the conversation with her. It is not excluded that a considerable role was played by moss flying with passengers who said that the model behaved quite friendly and good-natured. Even swearing that she spewed in the direction of the pilot and flight attendants were not evil, but rather funny.

Kate moss from the comments so far refrained.

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