Katy Perry wants kids from Orlando bloom

Singer Katy Perry is going to have children with the actor Orlando bloom, learned Sobesednik.ru.

They, along with last year, but so far the affair is shrouded in mystery. If Kathy says something about his lover, calls it only as “my guy” at all and know that we are talking about Orlando. Recently lived in different cities, the lovebirds moved in together, and today, 31-year-old singer feels that he would like to have her children.

Why both suggest shadow on the fence and not talking about the wedding? Yes, just to Kathy, the 39-year-old playboy were so many Affairs with famous ladies of that each knew with him she will not stay. So it was with Penelope Cruz, Sienna Miller, Uma Thurman, Kirsten dunst, Jessica Biel and even Jennifer aniston, also studied anatomical details of the economy bloom even before he was photographed naked in the company of Cathy and this became known to the world.

In short, first the singer was afraid that the affair will end, and then began to fear that they will jinx it. After a previous marriage with a loser Russell Brand Perry even thought about being alone, but here such a gift. And whether because she doesn’t want to lose it, whether because truly ripe, but the girl started to dream about children. Especially the “it guy” is a 5-year-old son Flynn model Miranda Kerr and what she, Katie, worse? Say, as bloom tries to translate all this talk into a joke, but for how long this tactic just is not enough, and soon he will have to make a choice: Kathy or with the child, or another single voyage.

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