Keira Knightley considers himself a feminist

The other day keira Knightley has expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that it’s easier for men to make a career than women. The actress admitted that she considers herself a feminist, and ready to fight for gender equality…

Actress keira Knightley (Keira Knightley) in a recent interview told reporters that she was very close to the ideas of feminism. The star of the movie “Anna Karenina” has admitted that he admires independent girls and very happy that every year the word “feminism” carries a less negative meaning. Kira in the first place, of course, meant the film industry. “In Hollywood a number of roles for women are limited. The major in cinema is always male. I think this is wrong. Women should be more opportunities. But I noticed that lately something is changing, unlike past years, now women can engage in dialogue and have more say in his career,” said keira Knightley.

We have to admit that hearing about the feminist ideas from the lips of keira Knightley a little weird. As you know, her creative career has been gaining momentum. It seems that the girl isn’t even breaks. Currently

Knightley starred in the film “Little big girl”

premiere in America will be held in January 2014, and in Russia in July 2014.

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