Killers condemned for negligence

Entered into force verdict of the city court of St. Petersburg: the three killers behind the deadly “error in object” will have to sit out from 9 to 11 years. This is what we told the Investigative Committee of the Northern capital.

From the indictment it follows that staying in hiding mediator Nikita Sorokin was hired for 150 thousand rubles, in order to intimidate the resident elite of the village of Lisy nos. For the implementation of the plan repeatedly judged Rorokin hired “subcontractors” – Paul Kharkiv, Valery Vasiliev and Konstantin Gubin, promised everyone on 20 thousand roubles.

However, criminals mistakenly walked into the cottage to the intended victim (the scandal retired top Manager of a large firm), and in the next panel house, where he was renting an old couple from the Ukraine Stepan and Anna Ionici. Stepan was hit in the head with an iron rebar. Then the house was doused with gasoline and set on fire. Was extinguished by neighbors, including one with a top Manager. Anna died from burns, her husband was left disabled.

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