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About his personal life, the star of show business keira Knightley says. Until now it was known only that at the beginning of the acting career he fell in love with the journalist Anastasia, who became his wife. But before meeting with Nastya Kostya survived a torrid love drama. We found out that the first serious crush of Constantine was the St. Petersburg actress Tatyana Polonskaya. With her future famous actor was a passionate affair.

Tatyana PolonskayaKonstantin Khabenskywas noticed on one of the student performances in his native LGITMiK. She studied several courses under. How-TOS friends and I came to appreciate the skill of newcomers.

– All performance Hub, so we called Kostya, sat fascinated, recalls his Institute mate, who asked for obvious reasons not to call his name. – At the end of staging, when the curtain and there was applause, I asked Hub what he thought of the freshmen. “The guys are quite normal – calmly repliedKonstantin Khabensky. – And that red-haired girl will be mine”, he said.The red-haired girl was calledTatiana Polonskaya.

– I do not remember who played Tanya, but it has conquered not onlyKonstantin Khabensky.All of our guys have switched their attention with a striking blonde Marina Estrogenos, which became famous TV presenterAlla Dovlatova, charismatic, energetic, childish, Tanya, – continues the former classmate.

But she began to meet with Bones. According to College friendsKonstantin Khabensky, to Taani, unlike his friendMichael Porechenkovserious interests was not. From morning till evening he disappeared for the student the stage, and rare free from school in the evening went to the theatre.

Tatiana is very self-sufficient person – remember young friends of the actress. –Konstantin Habenskogohad to sweat to win her affection.

She and bouquets were given, and on the parapet of the bridge before it was dressed, but it’s in these manifestations of love, special attention is not paid. Girls who ran for him was a lot. CostConstantine Habenskogoto take a few chords on the guitar, tell a few jokes as the girls lined up so he carried them out to the house, and Tanya at first, it avoided. ButTatyana Polonskaya, according to stories of eyewitnesses of those old events, and then became his first fan and critic.

– Kostya, you are a serious dramatic actor, – saidTatyana Polonskayaon the student skit. – You should not opt for jokes. Search for of the producer, nailed it girl.

Our hero was completely submissive to him so seriously and talked only to teachers. After these words she rose and left,keira Knightleywent after her. They say that this night they started Dating. Lovers could often be found at various St. Petersburg theatrical premieres, in coffee shops on Nevsky prospect.

Others thought that the case of Tanya and the Dice goes to the wedding. It was well received by the familyof keira Knightley, but an intelligent, talented, budding Kostya liked Tannoy mom.

– A young – remember friends family Polonsky. – Tanya took the coast more as a friend. She would rather allow themselves to love.

After graduationKonstantin Khabenskydid Tanya, but she refused. The young man decided to go to Moscow, where he entered the service in the “Satyricon”. Say,went to the capital to forget his beloved. Moscow not the first time you took a future superstar. In the “Satyricon”, he was busy enough. After a year the young man returned to his hometown, took to the Theater of the Leningrad city Council. After graduation went there andTatyana Polonskaya.For some time they served in the same company, and then Tanya went to the Comedy Theatre. Akimova.heavily experienced separation. Groupies in that time he had plenty, he already knew the St. Petersburg stage, but he is no one special attention was paid, until he met his Nastya.

According to friendsof Tatyana Polonskaya,a few years after parting with the Bones of someone in the door handle of her apartment left the flowers… the neighbors on the porch found later in a secret admirerof keira Knightley.

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