Kristina Asmus undressed implicitly

The Director of a new film adaptation of “the dawns here are quiet…” Renat Davletyarov explained how persuaded Actresses on Nude photos:

— I didn’t think of someone to take on the role, the only decided that the foreman Vaskov will play Pyotr Fyodorov. But who will play the girls had no idea. And when everyone picked up and went to Karelia to the shooting, I said, “Who ever complains that it is difficult to work, or have a tantrum because of the scene in the bath, or bathing in the waterfall, go home”.

Apparently, the Director had a great effect on the young Actresses, so they never thought to resent. No growl, when according to the Director they had to strip completely for the next episode. Kristina Asmus showed a slender girlish figure, and Eugene Malakhov, who played Eugene Komelkova showed ample Breasts.

Full version of interview with Director by Renat Davletyarov read skorea our online in the latest issue of the magazine “Only star”.

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