Lady GaGa knows how to find love?

Lady GaGa (Lady Gaga) shared with fans the secret of success in love. It turns out that in order to achieve happiness in your personal life, you need, first and foremost, to stop him. The singer is sure that love will come to each of us by herself. However, whether to trust her opinion?

What Lady GaGa thinks about love?

In early 2011 a brawler

Lady GaGa

(Lady GaGa) came in not the best period of his life:

new song of Gaga was recognized as a complete failure

while the singer once again parted with my beloved man Luc Carl (Luc Carl). But despite these troubles,

Lady GaGa

he continues to bring their “little monsters”. In another interview, she opened up her

the secret to happiness in your personal life

as it turns out, love can’t be look! Just need to wait for it to come.

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