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Layout of the monthAnastasia Volochkova, a famous intriguer, but this time it surpassed previous achievements. Trumpeted all over the country about the divorce with her husband Igor Vdovin, a successful businessman and the father of her daughter Ariadne, she fooled everyone. In principle, before suspected: and no PR if the ballerina duck running about the divorce? However, the media quickly found a home wrecker – the yoga teacher. Like, Nastya zadurit head Igor with his ballet, and then a live person with him and talk about. Got all the handkerchiefs to wipe away tears Naste, and here – for you. Ballerina on the arm Vdovin was caught at a party thrown by the magazine Hello! By the way, at the time of separation he has gained weight and is slightly bald. Keep it up, Anastasia!Hairstyle of the monthWho tell me all the sweeter, all ruddy and whiter? Is Svetlana Svetlichnaya! Actress, forgotten gloss and TV, suddenly fluttered in Phoenix. White-faced, Chernobrov, such a gentle disposition. And the bridegroom find her, the king’s son Elisha. Elisha from Svetlichnaya twice younger than her. Thanks to the new way to the feet of the actress now fall exclusively young fans.

The most extravagant shoes managed to walk to the actress Victoria Tolstoganova. It’s not actually very fond of all sorts of ceremony and red carpet, and he could not resist. Walked after the path of the Moscow film festival to the cinema “Pushkin”. Ekstremalnye hooves almost done with my terrible mistress. Vika could hardly resist not to crash on wet carpet from the height of twenty centimeters heels.A couple of monthStar on “Inhabited island” Vasily Stepanov on his naive eye and white curls captivated many girls. However, he regularly avoided any get-togethers and even at the premiere of the second part of the blockbuster appeared. But the other day he came out and brought with him a girl. At the party Beauty Cinema Awards she handle thriftily drove the Bob between the tables in the hall. Well, cry, girls, one potential suitor seems to have become less.The phenomenon of the month,That’s a miracle on one social event of the festival there was a time two priests: father John (in the world Ivan Okhlobystin) and Archpriest Vladimir Volgin. Actor, Director and he is still the bully Ivan Okhlobystin appeared before the people at the premiere of the painting “the King” where he played the Royal jester. To evaluate the performance he invited his spiritual father Vladimir, who to all other is a spiritual Director and a President’s wife Svetlana Medvedeva.

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