Leading “Estate” rides a unicycle and does not want its own country

Sobesednik.ru learned from a Novel Budnikova behind the scenes details of the “Hacienda” and found out why he doesn’t want his cottage.

Roman Budnikov for six years, is the permanent host of the program “Fazenda” on “the First channel”. Every week he along with a team of professionals transforms the plots of the heroes project. A recently released anniversary – the five hundredth edition of “Estate”. But, according to the presenter, this is only the beginning.

Got to the project just

Roman, is it true that you are planning to link their lives with the TV? How did it happen that now we see you on the blue screen?

– Right. I always played music. And one day I was invited to the shooting of one of the programs as a guest. After that, the producers of that project came the idea to make me a small category. And then, one after another, there were other projects. And so the TV became my profession.

– Every presenter at first, his work is faced with certain stresses. You were they?

– Of course. But the biggest stress was not associated with the TV platform. Many years ago at one event where we performed with our musical group, there was an unpleasant force majeure- arrived presenter. And since the event was serious, the young girls-the organizers almost gray because to find a host in Moscow in 15 minutes is simply unrealistic. So I had to rescue them – I offered them my help. It was the first party in my life which I spent. That was very exciting!

Yeah, a lot of chances in your life! And presenter of the program “Fazenda” also become unexpectedly?

– Not that unexpected, but I got into the project very simple. I was called and invited to the casting. I then confessed the Director of “Hacienda”, he saw me on REN TV and have set myself a tick. the casting was attended by about 30 people, including me. Came to the casting with my daughter, by the way, on the way to the cottage to friends. I remember the daughter was sitting nibbled apples, and I walked between the Apple trees and said the text. All this happened twenty minutes.

Not talking about personal life

– Have you ever had to deal with force majeure on the set?

– They are often. At times the interview, which aired last no more than a minute, it is necessary to remove several hours. Most of the time we work on the street and so of course dependent on weather conditions. Since it’s all country towns, often located near the railroad. Here will begin shooting, be sure to either train travel or plane will fly. And on the neighbouring plot, certainly someone something drilling, sawing, banging. You have to ask to for some time ceased. I don’t have a star, so I can calmly approach the neighbor of our heroes and ask about the silence.

– You spend a lot of time on other people’s cottages. And their country house do you have?

– No. Yes, I don’t want to. I’m not building a brand. Not only do I “Hacienda” am: in addition to this project, I have a lot of shooting in the “Good morning”. There is no time absolutely. And while I’m on duty, often at others ‘ houses, its giving me is just not needed!

– Recently released five-hundredth edition of “Estate”. Tell me, will there be soon any update on the project?

– Update is already in progress, and it will continue to prosper. Of course, the concept of the program, no one is going to change – we, as before, we build gazebos, bedrooms, dining rooms and so on. But as for the flow, we now make it more dynamic, all our releases will be even more alive and for real!

In addition to television, do you have time for Hobbies, personal life? Because you are single.

About my personal life I can say one thing: I do not comment in interview. As for Hobbies, I will tell you. I love extreme sports and now is actively carried away by wheelbarrow. It is a vehicle that accelerates to forty miles per hour. I love to skate parks, paths at high speeds. It’s crazy adrenaline thing – almost like motorcycle racing, only slightly less than the speed. And the adrenaline you get is almost the same as during a parachute jump. In addition to physical activity, it is also a great psychological relief after hours of shooting.

To become a participant of the project “Fazenda”, you need to fill in a form on the website of the “First channel” and to tell the story of why you need to repair suburban area. Another condition: your vacation home should be far from Moscow, as the crew could not go far from the capital due to technical reasons.

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