Leonid Yakubovich

The formation of the Russian television would not be so bright and good with no known producer, writer, leading with a bushy mustache and an ironic look. In 2002 he was awarded the title of people’s artist of the Russian Federation, he is also a social organization that brought together popular and financially independent of the country’s Jews, the Russian Jewish Congress. Leonid Yakubovich is known all over the country, but his unusual biography guess the few. A display image of a positive and enterprising of the leading is no different from the present.

The future TV star was born right after the great Patriotic war in 1945. The history of acquaintance of the mother, a gynecologist by profession, and father, a design engineer, took place in absentia. The woman was sent personally made and collected to send to the front. Once knitted a pair of mittens for one hand went to a soldier by the name of Arkady. Touched, he began to correspond with the original girl. After the “confrontation,” they signed, and on July 31 had a son.

Dear famous person, the audience was referred to as Mr Abramovich, in the high school years was a Joker. His parents fully trusted in the educational process is not interfered. Romantically-minded nature of the little adventurer brought him in the 8th grade in… Siberia. Recruited a team of enthusiasts rushed on the train, just before the road informing parents about the trip. Future leading “Field of miracles” became the “test pilot” of the protective means from Intrusive insects, which is famous for the Siberian taiga.

Upon returning home to Moscow (three months), he learned of the dismissal from the school. The certificate received at the end of the evening secondary school. In the daytime, Leonid worked as a Turner at an aircraft plant named after Tupolev.

Without higher education, the artist could not do. It was demanded by parents. Three of the Institute with the enrolment of future servants of Melpomene had to leave in the name of acquiring more “life” specialty. The young man first develops the profession at the Institute of electronic engineering, then in engineering and construction University. But here, he’s attracted to creative activities – participation in the team of Club cheerful and resourceful. Leonid Yakubovich in this period of time to see vast expanses of the USSR, meets his first wife. From a marriage in 1973 appears the first-born, Artyom.

From 1971 to 1980 future celebrity dedicates himself to work at the factory. In parallel with 1979 begins to create. From his pen come the scripts for entertainment programs (“come on, guys!”). The artist takes part in the first Metropolitan beauty contest (contemplating a scenario and acts as a master). Also Leonid Yakubovich is included in the trade-Union Committee of the Moscow playwrights. More than three hundred plays he wrote for theater and cabaret performance in the style of Reprise – “tutti”, “Wider circle”, “the victory that We need as air”. The beginning of the creative path of Vladimir Vinokur was remembered by his admirers after the performance with a monologue, the author of which was uncle Leon.

But the public love is coming to Moscow with the beginning of the entertainment and informative talk show, where all the fun happens after the phrase: “Spin!”

In 1991, exits the program, which becomes the leading man in a tuxedo. The unchanged attributes remain the mustache, the slot and beautiful girls, revealing on the scoreboard matched the letters. “Field of dreams” was created by the American idea of the TV show “Wheel of Fortune”. But the success of the transfer is due not only to the cognitive aspect, but also the kindness, fellowship and gifts. Them wholeheartedly driven from all corners of the CIS invited participants. Leonid Yakubovich these gifts, sometimes even the most extraordinary, was first identified in Museum programs. Then part of the gifts moved to the VDNKH, the part remained in the Museum, and some migrated to Tver.

Also the celebrity plays in the movie, which sometimes write the script. It can be seen in the film “One day 20 years later”, “Clowns do not kill”, and in 2015, was released the film “Grandfather of my dreams”, which had a hand Leonid. He also played the role of the protagonist. The plot revolves around a suddenly appeared in the house of an elderly man, reminiscent of its authenticity whether good Santa Claus, or brownie. Unusual events in the lives of households experiencing played characters

Anna Ardovs

Catherine Strizhenovoj

Nikolay Dobrynin.

From March 2016, the journalist leading the program “Star on the “Star”.

Personal life

The actor was married more than once. With his wife Galina, a participant of the group “City woman” he met as a student. In 1973 Leonid first became a dad. In 2000, Artem gave grandpa granddaughter Sonya. The following wife, Marina Vido, was the mother of his second child in 1998, a daughter Varya. The artist himself is fond of collecting rare publications that do not imagine their life without Billiards and club. Love for the WHC now moved to a new level. Now the TV presenter is a member of the jury.

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