Like the stars had fun at the wedding Lera Kudryavtseva?

8 Jun long-awaited wedding Lera Kudryavtseva with the hockey player Igor Makarov. A variety of star guests gathered in the house of celebrations Safisa to congratulate the newlyweds.

For a party to celebrate a wedding Lera Kudryavtseva and Igor Makarov, was attended by about 300 guests. Was snachalo it was assumed that the wedding would be held in St. Petersburg, but the couple decided to celebrate in the capital, choosing for this occasion one of the most luxurious houses of celebrations Safisa Moscow.

Celebrity guests have started to catch up to the party long before the arrival of the newlyweds. The impression is that among the guest stars were all representatives of the Russian platform. To congratulate the newlyweds arrived Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, Dima Bilan, Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko, Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan, Jane, Anastasia, Yulia Nachalova, Victoria Lopyreva and many other figures of show business.

The host of the event, as mentioned in advance, was the main toastmaster of the country Nikolay Baskov. However, he was assigned a partner, they became Igor Vernik. A cultural programme was also on the friends of Lera Kudryavtseva. On the stage guests were entertained by Beyonce, Love Uspensky, Alexey Chumakov. Basically what the guests wished the young couple is adding to the family. By the way, Lera Kudryavtseva, despite his age, has admitted that he is very

would like once again to become a mother

, especially her husband, 26-year-old Igor Makarov, has no children.

Ended the biggest wedding of the summer 2013 the eight-story cake and dancing until morning. By the way, the bride’s bouquet went singer Fame.

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