Live journal has lost Yevgeny Grishkovets

Writer Evgeny Grishkovets has decided to leave the space “Live journal”. Of his intention, he said in his personal blog, noting that this entry is the last one.

“This is my 528th and the last entry in this space. I’m leaving LJ forever. Close this blog and actually leaving the blogosphere. The solution is not immediate, not emotional, and thought out long ago. Discuss I didn’t mean to, but I want to say goodbye” – shared with his 44-strong audience actor and writer, author of the popular play “How I ate a dog.”

Care Grishkovets, are in the top most widely read LiveJournal users (playwright second only to

offended Nikita Mikhalkov Lebedev

and Rustem Adagamov), came as a surprise to the Patriotic blogosphere. Diary of a celebrity often became a place of verbal battles unfolding in the comments to his records. The actor did not hesitate to criticize many secular characters Russia, for example, Elena Vaenga or “Quartet”, which caused strong dissatisfaction of their fans.

Those who do not want to part with the writer on the Internet, Grishkovets offers to go to his website “If you like to read I have written “far from noise city”, away from scandals, squabbles and waves of irritation, I’ll be happy. I will write, even if I would have to read quite a bit of people. Or even nobody will. Fortunately there are no ratings or places and generally can not be any competition, as the race for numbers, ie for the soul.”

Meanwhile, the blog of the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was considered the best in 2010. But

parody page on his blog has become the most popular in Runet

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