Lubava Greshnova and Michael Wheat: “We were in silent conflict”

Like they say: made for each other. Young, beautiful, talented actors Lubava Greshnova and Michael Wheat have been together for five years. That our hectic time and people in this profession — sufficient rarity. How saw each other, looking for compromises and have learned not only to admire the virtues, but to love the flaws, in an interview.

At first glance they are very different — active Lyubava calm, thoughtful Michael. However, no wonder they say that opposites attract. As Michael says, it was “love to.” Both originally from Ukraine, even went to the same acting school in Kiev, but to meet personally could only filming the Comedy “Bride for my friend.” Today on account of this couple — few dozen roles in a full meter and television films. And Moscow was the city in which they are trying to build their family happiness.

— When people come together in a Union, something changes in them and in the atmosphere. Had such a wonderful individually, actors Angelina Jolie and brad pitt, but the interest skyrocketed when they became a couple.

Michael Wheat:

“I think us and can not be compared. And they ended up not very well write about their divorce. So bad example”.

Lubava Greshnova:

“The main changes have occurred in the us. When we met, we were, like, twenty years, we have grown up. Changed circle of friends, interests. Before meeting Mike I was very independent and active. It made me more feminine, I became less emotionally react to things. And about the increased interest in us as a couple — Yes, we felt, and it pleases. Sorry, we don’t have so much work together that we can be considered not just family, but creative Union. The joint project is one — one on which we met, “the Bride of my friend.”

— Remembering the movie, were you comfortable together on set?

“At first, we each other did not like. I thought Mike was making fun of me. We were in unspoken conflict. And only in the last day had a moment — and, after that, we started to live together…”

“Secret — this means that I knew about it only one person. (Laughs.) Luba invented some story, but she is already so much told about it, let him continue. As for me, I felt quite comfortable.”

“I may be shy Mike, subconsciously, he liked me… Well, what are you laughing at? Yes, we girls are — she came up, she was offended. D still, when we go along to audition, I feel unfree. Want to her husband look like the most beautiful and talented. I am very responsible attitude to work, striving to be perfect, study the text. And Misha is not particularly bother, and all it is easier”.

— How do you critique each other?

“You can’t criticize women, especially wife! Only in adoration, to draw something to her attention. Otherwise it doesn’t work”.

“Critics always enough. Like people who write nasty things on the Internet. So I agree with Misha — home need support. Besides, I’m Sammie, always find something to complain about. If my husband is to criticize will be quite upset. And Misha just to make a point. He’s good sure of himself, knows his strengths and weaknesses”.

“There is such a terrible thing. Soap Opera all the abuse, but their look. And while there is demand, they will withdraw. And if I’m going to sit and conditionally wait for a call from Spielberg, will remain without work. And I have obligations to multiple families. I mean our with Any parents. So I agree to some role and, like most artists trying to make them more interesting and alive than it’s written in the script. So viewers, be lenient.”

— You watch the movie and do you have disputes of what to watch?

“Before, Yes. I didn’t like American fighters superhero who loves Misha. I liked the Russian movie, a classic. Several times I revisited “the captivating Star of happiness”. And Misha is not happy with the domestic film industry. But we are each other’s interest”.

“In my childhood I didn’t have the best examples of manhood. And movie gave me such examples are superheroes, supermen. Honesty, loyalty, friendship, respect, self-esteem — it’s stunning quality. So if you are not able to see the good in life, see this movie”.

— But still: it’s a day off, you both are free, and the question arises — which one to go?

“We both voiced what we want, and usually I agree with Either.” (Laughs.)

“As it should be. Mike is a strong man who can give. He feels that I need at the moment. If I had a rough week, I can’t watch any sad movies. (Smiles.) But sometimes I make concessions”.

In everyday terms you interchangeable? If you have no energy to cook Lunches and dinners, Michael can stand up to the plate?

“Can. It helps me a lot. I can’t say that we’re both superciliary, but Misha scolds me if I don’t cook or make it taste good. As for household chores, I’m a fan of cleaning. And even having come from shooting late in the evening, you can start to wash the floors. Do not go to sleep if there are dirty dishes or jacket is not in place. (Laughs.) Such is the paranoia. The house needs to be sterile. But in General we have a rule: whoever is less busy, and doing house chores”.

“Who said a woman should take on a household? This is correct only in the case if a man fully provides for the family. But if there is no impact from men, but only the exorbitant demands to the woman, have yet to figure out who owes whom. Unfortunately, nowadays a lot of strong women who are used to doing everything themselves, because they met the wrong men”.

— How is your family budget?

“Everything I earn is the money both of us. All Luba earns her money. We have so”. (Laughs.)

“Misha jokes. We have a common budget. We do not calculate who how many earned this month. Someone’s had less work some more. Next month Vice versa. I don’t understand these families where, for example, people equally pay the rent or develop on products”.

— Michael, you make a nest egg from his wife?

“Tried, finds”. (Laughs.)

“I do stash from her husband. In fact, he’s a bigger spender than I am. And spends the money mostly on me gifts.”

“The only way is to earn more. I’m looking for additional opportunities. Nowadays there are lots of trash related to any profession. Just go to the Internet.”

“Personally, I work with twelve years. I always understood that the actor — a profession dependent, unstable in terms of income. And if, God forbid, there will come a time, I should be ready to earn in other ways. I’ll go sweep floors”.

“Well, I will not allow it, of course.”

— Do you still have a specialty, what can you do?

“It’s a little annoying this issue. As a male I should be able to all”.

“Okay, if Misha did not want to praise myself, I will. He’s an athlete, fluent in English, versed in computers. Not to mention the fact that he had just Golden hands! When we moved to Moscow and did a repair, I realized that he really can do absolutely everything — from repairing a tap to electricity.”

“There is a wonderful phrase: it is necessary to try everything in life. Somehow it is perceived so that it is necessary to recuperate. Why not learn the language, to learn something new? Now with the Internet and the ability to leave the country the prospects of mass”.

— By the way, of moving. The decision to change Kiev to Moscow was a joint?

“It all happened very naturally. It’s not that we suddenly sat-sat and BAM, solved: and let’s move. In that period there was a lot of filming in Moscow. We even spent more time here than at home. And in the movie “Long way home” (by the way, very symbolic name) Misha suddenly called me and said, “I rented an apartment in Moscow, pack your things.”

— And you were ready for it? Still in Ukraine, parents, friends.

“Then it was a bit easier, and we could fly almost every weekend. The tickets were also cheap. Now, of course, harder to get, but we somehow get out. Parents are sensitive to this situation. At first I was afraid of Moscow, but then just fell in love with her that more can’t be anywhere. I’m probably the only person Moscow like. (Laughs.) Many people living here say they hate this town, and at every opportunity try to escape. And I even feel sorry for Moscow. Here all come to get something, earn and move to a more comfortable place.”

— Lyubava, and what you like Moscow?

“I like people. They say such evil Muscovites! I think they are kinder, than in small towns, where I am. Remember when we first moved here, I went for a walk in Kolomenskoye. Very cold, went to look at some Souvenirs. The woman exclaimed: “Oh, your hands are red and cold. Rather take my mittens, put. I like that this city has everything that makes life easier for people who live the same lifestyle as we do. We can at three a.m. to call the shots, or we can go home at six in the morning. Here there are convenience stores, delivery service, a simplified payment scheme only. In small towns I do not have this service”.

— Michael, Moscow, too comfortable?

“How can it be uncomfortable where you’re needed? If we are not accepted, it was not working — another story. I have here interesting projects, meet smart, talented people. Sea of possibilities that we don’t use a hundred. I think Moscow took us, and we are very grateful for this. Luba leads an active lifestyle, she loves it here. And I love your wife.”

You have some common hobby?

“Honey — bird, she gets up early. And I’m a night owl, and love to sleep. And, it seems, I was infected with this”. (Laughs.)

“By the way, Yes. No matter how much I work, always woke up early — at eight, nine in the morning, like a zombie. But the last six months began to love to sleep before one o’clock. Then I scold myself that we lost so much time. Sometimes it is the only day off in a month! I tried to teach Mike to ride on the rollers. We take them on site, and Mike can’t pass twenty meters, arguing that the skates are uncomfortable.”

“But that does not mean that I’m lying!”

Is it me or you never argue?

“We fight but quickly make up. I feel bad in a state of quarrel. Quarrel — and you need to immediately discuss it, to pronounce”.

“This is due to the fact that accumulated per month negative, and there is always the last straw that exasperated. And since the closest person to me Lyubava, all this translates into it. She accordingly at me. And really — we need to talk, no matter how painful. If this is not done, it will be even worse.”

“I realized that to sort things out better in the cafe. At home, you behave differently. How would walls aggravate the problem. You can raise your voice, go into another room. And people have to stay calm. And the conversation is built differently and safely”.

Are you more focused on partnership, career, than a family with children?

“We are trying to combine. No of stages: first, to build a house, plant a tree, and then to have children. Besides, it does not always depend on us. As they say, you want to make God laugh, tell about your plans”.

“I am absolutely not against children. We do not put off for later. I just know your character and think I can get everything together. Even pregnant, I will act to the last.”

The suggestion Michael made a year ago, the marriage has not yet played…

“The most offensive that the wedding that we are so often asked, we need the least. I belong to the category of women who are not in a hurry to get married. Really want this relatives, parents, friends, spectators and journalists. (Laughs.) But if five years ago, we were still able to sign quietly, now this event will inevitably publicity. So — everything should be on the level. A dress that will be discussed, the choice of location, I have friends to invite”.

“Of course there are some troubles. But it is not stamped in your passport, not a noisy party and the photos in the magazine. And in a specific agreement that we were a couple, a family. The decision that we will be together, emerged immediately after a few hours of fun. Is love at first sight, and there to the views, when you realize that it all came together!”

“I am Misha on the second day took as your husband, not a boyfriend, boyfriend. This is another level of relations.”

— You both studied at the same University in Kiev. Don’t remember each other?

“We studied different courses. At the theatre Institute all somehow know about each other, but most people don’t communicate. Because there is a close life with classmates”.

“We wrong each other perceived. Misha has developed about me my subjective opinion, not very flattering. I seemed cold, some pathetic, but really it was self-defence. No one knew what the amount of emotional wounds I had on that moment.”

“Girls, be smarter! Not razmenivayas little on his own convictions about this or that person”.

— How much you are tolerant to the faults of the other?

“How do people living in different surroundings, differently brought up, can know and dictate what the other person needs? You have different goals, beliefs and objectives in life. How do you know what kind of experience he needs to make? If a person baby, you hurt all perceive and try to influence, to influence”.

“I love people for who they are. So forgive them their shortcomings, and perceive them as an integral part of the personality. In my opinion, perfect people are boring”.

“Who said that to strive for the ideal a bad thing? It’s boring to be good, kind, sympathetic? You girls somehow love the bad guys: unpredictable, dangerous. But when they offend you, seek solace in the arms of a good. So I’m on their weaknesses work.”

— Lyubava, what deficiencies your husband you love especially?

“Well… he sleeps a lot, can eat at a time a bucket of chicken and very quietly says. But it is rather not shortcomings and peculiarities. Cute little things that I love. But globally — I don’t know what his shortcomings. Probably, they are not. Misha sees the bad but doesn’t want to wear glasses. And I can not hear”.

“This is the secret of our family happiness: I can’t see much, and Luba does not hear”. (Laughing.)

“I think the secret of our family happiness — a sense of humor. It’s great when we can laugh and joke, including on himself”.

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