Lunar planting calendar is a summer resident: April 4-10,

Lunar calendar gardener will help you properly plan the work on the dacha, in accordance with the phases and position of the moon in the signs of the Zodiac. As is known, signs are divided into fertile, medium fertile and barren signs. So, if you want to harvest was above, then follow the planting calendar of the gardener-gardener.

Beginning of April – perhaps the most important time for gardeners. Because at this time you can manage to complete what was planned back in March, but for some reason postponed or put off work. For example, now you can (and should!) to prepare the soil for planting, dig over the beds and plots, which were not precapitalist in the fall (don’t forget to add compost, superphosphate and ash) to complete or update the grooves for drainage of melt water near the greenhouses and buildings, and to plant seedlings of heat-loving green plants.

4 April – waning Moon.

Sign: Pisces.

Recommended seeding and planting of most crops, except for any climbing plants. Very well this day to do grafting.

5 April – waning Moon.

Sign: Pisces.

Favourable sowing and planting of any crop, vegetable plants will give a short thick stem and a strong juicy roots.

6 April – waning Moon.

Sign: Aries

Not recommended for sowing, planting and transplanting. Seedlings appear quickly, but the plants themselves will be weak and prone to diseases.

April 7 – the new moon.

Sign: Aries

Sowing and planting unfavorable. But the effective spraying against insects, treatment of shrubs from fungal disease.

8 April – growing Moon.

Sign: Taurus

Plant in a greenhouse climbing plants from peas and beans to clematis. Take the soil by digging, raking, fertilizer.

9 April – growing Moon.

Sign: Taurus

Put under the film which gives the roots: turnip, radish, radish, onion on turnip, carrots. Refrain from planting.

10 April – growing Moon.

Sign: Gemini

Day of fertility. Plant, sow, to dive down – all take root and bring a harvest. A beneficial fertilizer.

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