Magic square

One doctor even tried to explain the mystique that maybe the girl of his disease “unconscious protest” against the school requirement. If so, I’m not surprised. During her studies Sophia often sits over books to seven, and even nine at night. Moreover, all the holidays we also did the entire family have agonized over homemade read, fought over a hundred tasks and making clever crafts.For example, I don’t remember I’m in the first class sat on the lessons to nine. Who am I kidding – I don’t remember I do them on sat. And I would understand if the daughter, for the holidays finally tired of studying, and actually decided to get sick from school, but no. What is most interesting, Sophia-in the school wanted. She’s still not completely gone. She even said that will still go there despite the illness that she loved the work (wow!), even the mathematics of love (wow twice!).In fact, Sophia is not Kovalevskaya. With mathematics it is not very. You’re not, but not Ah. And no wonder, considering that she’s already in first grade is not only what we were taught as much in the fourth, but what we do not teach.Before the holidays they, for example, asked to make a magic square in which the numbers 1 through 3 had to be placed so that they are not repeated horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Square really was magical – he didn’t want to be. No way. Screwed up a vicious diagonal that cross the joint efforts of our family by the decision of the elementary task for a first grader. We fought over her and in turn and all together. And all to no avail. Square stubbornly refused to reveal her secret.And after that Sophie is so out of place ill. It’s a shame. And it’s a shame that because of this she did not go to school and can’t tell a tricky task. And now I’m never, never know how to still be this damn square.

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