“Medvedev is not to look”

“The current system of checkup of vehicles outdated at all,” he criticized Dmitry Medvedev, the procedure in finding out about the wild queues at inspection points. After 10 days we went there to talk with motorists about the idea of abolition.

It turned out that the drivers of the capital are not enthusiastic about the President’s proposals.

– I just bought a few coupons THAT – open up the guy at Hyundai. Now you need to personally go to the post, because they review: on the cameras check that the entered number of cars matches the number of coupons. I also tinted must tear! Here I stand, turn.

We’re talking at the point of inspection on Vavilov street, 21. A place he called Trika picanto. And 10 days ago here, drivers of hundreds of vehicles around the clock were the census and drove the huckster, selling over 6 thousand place. The disappearance of queues workers of this paragraph is not associated with Medvedev:

– May holidays, many went to the garden or left on vacation. After the holidays will be a little more people, but without collapse. In General, each April this situation. What is now caught?! “Snowdrops” come here and turn. The more the number of cars increases every year.While we were discussing all the flaws of an existing procedure, pulled up another car. One quick “Reno” went right to the entry on the inspection. “I’m on the website of the public services was recorded at 18.30” – cut to the claims of the other driver.

It is very convenient, only two weeks we have to wait for confirmation of registration on the site, he told us after receiving the voucher.

Using the theme, saying the waiting list:

– That will simplify the inspection, will pass it to the dealerships or private owners, all will start to register by phone, Internet and getting a ticket without any queue. Is poor?

In response, almost in unison hear the outrage.

– Qualification of the dealer finishes the oil change! Then they begin to change the nodes without finding out! Inspection the car will turn out Golden! Do THE insurers – even the sky is the limit seem! And private traders will just have to handle the coupons as well, as did the traffic police!

– It’s all a political game before the elections. They have bin Laden, we – inspection – cut driver of luxury “rolls-Royce” and fled in the car.

The owner of the eight-year-old “Mazda”, which, according to him, passes inspection on the street Top Krasnoselsky “all my life”, admitted that he was ready to stand there at least 5 hours, but would not pass inspection from private owners.

And in General, Medvedev is not to look! IT is not a problem, at least for us. I here him now I will write about a small village in the Sverdlovsk region. There’s a lot of years have arrived to collect the charge for electricity from the city. Then shifted this function to the postman, and now the elderly have a few hours to get to the savings Bank. They spend on travel 150 rubles to pay 100 for the light! This is necessary to understand, and not to go into inspection…

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