Meet Ada Turkish tea from sage leaves

Turkey is famous for its love of tea and its numerous varieties. What types of tea you will not be offered here: the usual black, but brewed is so unusual for us that the taste it also differs from such familiar to each drink, and fruity, and herbal. The process of brewing each variety of tea is a real ritual, intended to maximize the natural taste of tea brew.

Herbal tea from diseases

Particularly popular in Turkey uses of hell-tea. Ada – Turkish type of grass in our latitudes known as the sage. Ada grows on dry slopes, and for brewing use collected in the flowering period of the plant. Fragrant smell, a pleasant, slightly spicy taste make the drink is extremely popular. In addition, Ada-tea has medicinal properties. The medicinal properties of hell is also very close to the sage.

It is recommended to use it for colds, quinsy, to facilitate breathing and as anti-inflammatory agents. Useful Ada-tea and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The drink has a tonic effect and reduces perspiration, which in hot climates is a significant advantage in favor of its application.

As for any other beverage, for a hell, there is a separate tea brewing ritual. In Turkey they drink tea from glass cups in the shape of a pear without a handle. Ada-brewed tea directly in them without the use of additional pots and brewing devices.

For brewing a single Cup of tea use one knob Ada-tea, which is usually stored in the form of dried bunches – just a twig separated from the others and put in a glass. Then fill it with a small amount of boiling water to wash off the pollen cones. This boiling water must be thoroughly rinsed the plant and drain the water. Only after this hell-tea pour boiling water and infuse for 5-10 minutes. Most often hell-tea drink pure or with lemon.

Sometimes hell is the tea brewed in the kettle bunk. The ritual takes up to half an hour, and today it rarely reproduce wholly. Therefore, cities can be seen as Ada-tea placed in the top tier of the kettle, in the bottom, pour water and put on fire.

If you decide to try Ada-tea, it is important to remember that like any medicinal herb, it has a number of contraindications. First of all, hell-the tea is absolutely contraindicated to pregnant women as it stimulates the production of estrogens and thus may cause miscarriage. Also be aware that the lactating women, Ada-tea reduces milk production, so its use also should be abandoned, unless, of course, decrease the amount of milk isn’t your goal.

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