MPs asked to help with “rehabilitation” of Lenin on the 150th anniversary of

To the 145 anniversary from the birthday of Lenin, the Deputy suggested measures to the “reconciliation of Russian society history”.

— Despite all attempts to bury and discredit the name and deeds of Lenin, time has proven the authenticity and the greatness he committed the breakthrough, — said the Deputy. — All the achievements that Russia today remains a world leader, are the result of the implementation of Lenin’s plans. Electrification of the whole country, industrialization, universal education, tackling poverty, access to health care — everything that was laid down by Lenin, allowed the feudal Russia to move to a qualitatively new level to become a superpower which first conquered space, conquered fascism, and for decades helped the world.

Valery Rashkin believes that “the legacy of the leader of the October revolution early to write off in archive” and that a new stage of civilization development is expected “second coming” of Lenin:

The consumer society is stalled. It is recognized by the best minds, scientists, philosophers, sociologists in different countries. Insane and mindless consumption, the cult of money, overproduction has led to the depletion of natural resources, threats of global environmental catastrophe, a spiritual impoverishment of humanity. It is not surprising that the most developed and prosperous countries of Northern Europe, Scandinavia has adopted and used the ideas and experience of socialism in their economy and social policy. And we too, sooner or later will come back to this.

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The MP believes that it is necessary to give citizens an opportunity to reconsider the historical role of Lenin and his philosophical and ideological heritage. In this regard, Rashkin scheduled to speak on a number of initiatives which it believes should be implemented for the 150th anniversary of the leader of the world proletariat. In particular, the MP proposes to update the exposition of the memorial Museum of Lenin in Ulyanovsk, making it a modern and attractive tourism object. MP also intends to initiate carrying out in Moscow of a large exhibition on the life and work of Lenin, which would be “unique things and documents”, which previously was not widely accessible.

Double Vladimir Lenin / Maxim Burlaka / Russian Look

According to Raskin, objective and honest look at the identity and activities of Lenin, particularly in such sensitive and contentious issues as “attributed to the Bolsheviks to cooperate with the German intelligence” and the participation of Lenin in the decision on the execution of the Royal family, could rehabilitate the name of Lenin, to remove his “false accusations” and to reconcile the Russian society with its own history.

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