My comments on YouTube I only see, what’s the problem?

Here’s an example of an interesting message among the masses those who, in particular, for obvious reasons, blocked the possibility to display substititute polzovatelyami all, still, Yes. And several times sent requests to tech support, in response to the silence. Guys from Yandex in this plan favorably.Guys, really, if Google shows such disregard for the user, then it may well? Because if you think about it, nothing is irreplaceable. By the way, the search engine Yandex impressed me much more than Google, though repeatedly tried to force myself to always use guglofonom. YouTube, of course a very powerful global platform, and it is difficult, but again, you will laugh, but often faced with the fact that he was looking for something on YouTube, and as a result is only at Yandex-video. So it is not so simple.Just really zadolbali already. Well if was just this convoluted, buggy interface all googleproducts, which has already become the talk of the town. That’s okay, would have suffered… on principle — you want to go or have cheap. But no… because they still sites users should drive under the strange filters of the ACS search engine… block accounts Google AdWords, for God knows what reason… and now this bug with the comments on YouTube… and well if it’s just a bug, because otherwise, the user is misleading, because the review externally otpravljaetsja successfully, and that it is not visible to other users there is no notification.But even God is with him and with these errors they are everywhere. But they cannot even be directly to say about these errors, no contacts, no real support… you have to write about the issue in the obscure groups where people already write about the problem, and though that the developer is in discussion does not participate, and probably not for technical reasons, and the most that neither is ideological.And let it all out… I’m sure they know about all these problems, but do not want to admit, or specifically adopting this policy. In any case, it is convenient for them — anal garden from the end user, just simply to score, solving their “global” issues. But how would it “ease”, sooner or later, backfired. Because in the end, all done. And if user shit… then excuse me, and the user can form a new trend… essential, I repeat, no.But it may not be the work of trolls. Here’s an example wrote another пользовательRoman Vladimirovich F.:

“every day the cat cheese — when and face on the threshold of”well, Google, all again here so here is the lure, and then took the muzzle and on the verge of everyone.YouTube separated from G+and all it is, is not able to defeat the sore is this topic about “invisible comments”well, actually, right now, they want to remove the requirement for rigid loganiaceae to add comments under tubini, and they became broke to resolve the comments, and just took it all like cats on the doorstep.”

But then the question arises why other users ‘ comments visible under the video, and my not? My comments are now not visible either on my wall or under the comments to the video, and the comments of other “polite” user visible. The fact that in my comments there is nothing wrong with them and except for you know what reasons to not ban for that can be sure, because I have them duplicated in the SOC. networks. And once went to a booze and Google with YouTube does furniture began to beat, the one that Durov at the time rearranged, the comments for all to go to waste, and not only mine. So there is a certain system and biased attitude. What I actually just wrote for example in the article “Creature of YouTube.” and in many other where he gave prinscreen and blocking me on various sites, you know why. But as I understand you have to give this subject more attention. I would say simply that Russian YouTube sold as Runet you-know-who that he’d bred his trolls, and all others need to seek new and more adequate service and all, so no, encrypted head to fool people…

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